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[Paid] Looking for Experienced Python Mentor

Hey Quantopian community,

I am looking for an experienced programmer that can host "office hours" once or twice a week. Ideally, this would be done virtually through Google hangouts or slack and would last 1-2 hours depending on the agenda. I am located on the west coast and am typically free around 5:30-6 pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I am willing to pay for such a service, but of course, you would have to make a case on why you would be a good fit.

I am a novice programmer and learn best when I can ask questions that can be explained in an in-depth manner. I have browsed this forum and youtube extensively, but I still run into complications when writing code. I am passionate about finance and would like to eventually make a career transition into the field so I am thinking this would help expedite that process. I am looking to have sessions structured as Q&A, but of course, if time permits, we can also bounce ideas around and talk strategy. I have gone through all of the tutorials on this platform and most of the lectures, so I think I have a decent understanding of stats and python.

Feel free to ask me any questions!


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Thanks for sharing, Jamie. I will look into contacting that individual.