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pd.options - deeper tear sheet - algo analysis - changes to research

Hi - spend quite a bit of time building out a "deeper" tear sheet then is currently available (attached) since wanted more granular data however very recent changes in accessing various research options has caused it to essentially stop running.

Trying to avoid getting frustrated but do I have any choice other then to re-build (if I bother putting in that many hours again that is).

SecurityViolation: 0002 Security Violation(s): Accessing pd.options raised an AttributeError. Did you mean to access instead?
SecurityViolation: 0002 Security Violation(s): Accessing pf.capacity raised an AttributeError. No attributes with a similar name were found.

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Hello Umar,

I'm very sorry that you've had this problem. We recently identified a potential security hole and we tightened up several of the modules that are available on pandas. That is what stopped your notebook from running.

I'm afraid I don't have an easy resolution for you. It will need to be re-worked with other modules.

We're very sorry about this. It's the right thing to do, security-wise, but it has a very unfortunate impact on your notebook.


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Hey Umar & Dan
So the solution I found was fairly simple, just use a 'join' on your dataframe. In this example:
dataframe1 is called results
dataframe2 is called final_prices
and I want to add a column from final_prices to results so :

results_with_final_prices = results.join(final_prices['Final_Prices'], on='Stocks')