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PE Ratio

How do set a filter for pe ratio<30

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Simple way to make a filter is first create a factor and then construct a filter using basic operators. Something like this.

# Create a factor to get the latest pe_ratio  
pe_ratio = Fundamentals.pe_ratio.latest

# Now create a filter from that factor  
pe_lt_30 = pe_ratio < 30

See the attached notebook.

Good luck.

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Thanks Dan!
How do I add another filter for
Forward P/E Ratio < P/E Ratio

In a similar fashion one can keep adding filters.

# Create a factor to get the latest pe_ratio and forward_pe_ratio  
pe_ratio = Fundamentals.pe_ratio.latest  
forward_pe_ratio = Fundamentals.forward_pe_ratio.latest

# Now create filters from those factors  
pe_lt_30 = pe_ratio < 30  
forward_pe_lt_pe = forward_pe_ratio < pe_ratio

Often the biggest issue is understanding which data to use. Take a look at the fundamentals reference page for help .

See attached notebook.

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