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Pipeline in research notebook fails on last step

Hello, I bit new to Python & Quantopian, but I'm digging it. Trying out a technical system using pipeline in the research notebook and I'm getting a TypeError at the very last step when run_pipeline is called. Any help would be appreciated.

The algorithm is still a work in progress, I need a few more filters and ranking, but I wanted to pause and just ensure I was getting data back.


TypeError: compute() takes exactly 6 arguments (5 given)  
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Hi Woodrow,

The TypeError being raised here means that in one of your custom factors, the number of inputs being passed to it differs from the number of inputs that it expects (the inputs listed in def compute(...)).

Taking a quick scan, it seems that this occurs in a few places such as KUpper and KLower where the kupper variable is listed in the parameters for compute() but isn't passed as an input. You should just be able to remove it from the list to fix the issue. I believe that this occurs in some of your other custom factors so I'd suggest going over them and making sure that the number of inputs passed and the number expected match in each custom factor. Take a look at the documentation here for a better explanation.

Let me know if this helps!


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Jamie, thanks for taking a look. I found the custom factors that had the input issues and corrected them. I also had a couple of typos and some errors when listing the parameters passed to the talib functions. I've fixed those and now I'm getting output!

Still not quite what I expected, but better than nothing. Review, revise, re-run ;-)