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i am trying to get it to return stocks that match my criteria, as far as i can tell all are being screened correctly except for the price i want them to be. i know aapl is not under 100 on the date of the screen but it returns true and passes through the screen anyways, i have been stuck on this for a while now lol. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much!!!!!

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The close price is the obtained from yesterday's close price. On the day of your screen if you run your screen at 3:59EST, AAPL's price could potentially be about 23h and 59 minutes old.

Use '&' and not 'and' to combine filters (see

change the line

is_tradeable = under_100 and over_5 and the_cross and mc_above_500m


is_tradeable = under_100 & over_5 & the_cross & mc_above_500m

awesome thanks so much dan you are the bomb. Honestly.

@darthxanther right, but i did some research and aapl never closed below 100, the close price during the whole month of may was 115+

Works! thanks again boys!!!!!

@danwhitnable what should I be using to so my context.output is only the top 20 stocks? screening all factors but ranking from desired market cap?