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Porting Live Trading from Quantopian

I, like many of you, have invested a lot of time developing my algo's on Quantopian and deploying them to Interactive Brokers. I'm also unlikely the only one that would be limited in my technical ability were I to try to port them to another service. Though I understand a some other services offer Python as a primary language, I understand that the language is only a portion of what it would mean to take an existing, live trading algo and deploy it either directly to IBKR's API or another service.

My question: Has anyone (is anyone willing to) created an extremely basic tutorial (video or otherwise) as to how to get something from Quantopian and up and running on another service? Most of what I've found is (technically, in terms of system installation, API documentation etc.) far too technically advanced for me.


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There is a pretty basic tutorial on zipline live at However, we need more people to help make it better.

Read over the QuantConnect docs. They support Python and pretty much the same features as Quantopian. On Quantopian it's called initialize(), on QuantConnect it's called... initialize() etc. Some of the stuff has different names, but it's still the same concepts and the same language.

I suspect, maybe not now, but in the near future, QuanConnect will fall prey to same. I don't think Quantopian wanted to do this. It just doesn't make sense. I have a QuantConnect account. So, I will be porting there, but I didn't see Robinhood as an option.

@ Eric Clymer

I've been programming for almost 20 years, and I'd be willing to help, but you'd have to pay me something for my time. I have a family to feed. Personally, I don't think this is extremely complicated in nature. It really depends on what features you want to duplicate, or should I say recreate, from the original platform.