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Pricing differences

I've created a simple pipeline that uses USEquityPricing.close.latest and Since I'm new to Python and Quantopian, I wanted to "check my work" -- so I created a Notebook that uses get_pricing, and then I also pulled up a Yahoo Finance page on one of the stocks.

The prices came back different on each of the 3, and I can't understand why.

Any advice / information is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

My Notebook entry (doesn't match up with Yahoo Finance page or my algo):

p=get_pricing('adbe',start_date='2018-01-19',end_date='2018-01-26',frequency='daily') = 'US/Eastern'  
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I just ran a simple pipeline with AAPL and got matching pairs for close and open prices between Pipeline and Yahoo. Though the prices weren't exactly the same, they were fairly close in value. Are you asking why the values aren't exactly the same?

My open prices were almost always 100% correct, whereas there was more discrepancy between close prices. Nothing big enough to ruin a strategy in my opinion.

@ Mustafa Tambawalla is correct about the pricing observations. Attached is a notebook which compares the 'get_pricing' , pipeline, and Yahoo data. They all are the same except for closing data sometimes doesn't match perfectly with Yahoo. This however is addressed in the Q FAQs "Why is your close price different from other data sources?"

Loading notebook preview...

@Mustafa Tambawalla / @Dan Whitnable

Thank you both for taking the time to reply. I understand now, after reading the FAQ provided, and understanding that the pipeline gives previous day data. Because of one other screen I had in my pipeline, I only got 1 day of ADBE, and I was trying to compare based on that one day -- which happened to be a day that the close price was off on Yahoo, and I couldn't get the day to match up at all in any of them.

Thanks again for your assistance. Have a great day.