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Problem with Live Trading

Hi There,

I'm trying to run "Paper Trading TechStock Momentum" .This algo has been running since 2 days and i don't see any returns and metrics. Looks like it is hanging?

Using Chrome

Screen shot of my browser window

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Hi Ven,

I took a look, and the algorithm is running just fine. Based on the screenshot, it looks like your browser wasn't able to make the connection to get the live data. All of that live data is loaded using a https websocket.

  • The first obvious thing - did you try reloading the browser?
  • What is the browser and version number are you using?
  • What is the operating system you are using?
  • Are you on a home network or a work network? Are you behind some sort of network firewall that might block websocket connections?
  • Do you have a browser plugin that might be silently interfering with websockets?

If those questions don't shake the answer loose, then it will be interesting to turn on your browser's debug mode, open the algorithm, and see what the network connections are.

The algorithm is there - we just have to figure out how to get the data to your browser!

Feel free to email [email protected], too - we can help you troubleshoot via email instead.


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Thanks Dan, I had a Chrome Ad Blocker that is blocking web sockets. .I'm good now

I was having this problem too. Worked again when I updated java.