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Problems logging into Live Trading on IB

I have had issues several times this week when I have stopped and restarted an algorithm trading on IB. Several times it asks for my password over and over again. Currently after it accepts my password and asks for the values on my card, I put them in, then it just goes right back and asks me for my password again.

Anyone else having issues?

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I have had this issue several times and it is usually solved by waiting and trying again up to a day later.

Some points of advice that might help with live trading:

  • I got a response from Quantopian reps saying that 2 Factor does not impact reconnect, but from my experience I would disconnect once a week without 2 Factor and almost every other day if not daily with an account that has 2 Factor.

  • When entering your brokerage password, try not pressing enter and instead actually clicking the submit button with your mouse. It sounds very silly, but the broker login form actually resets when you press enter.

  • If a disconnect happens and you stop your algorithm, you should wait up to ~20 minutes before attempting to start it again. This is so that the deployment is on a new host; the prior host usually becomes corrupted which is why it will give you a "something went wrong" error. I received this advice from a Quantopian employee.

If you are just starting live trading. Yes...there are a lot of intricacies with live trading and you will be very frequently frustrated with the constant disconnects with vague emails from Q about "infrastructure problems".