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PsychSignal Trader Mood - Update

Hey everyone,

Some news about the PsychSignal Trader Mood datasets: Quantopian will stop updating these datasets as of May 1, 2020. All the existing historical data will still be available and imports will continue to function, however, new data will not be added as of that date.

What does this mean for users?

Any new, or existing, notebooks and algos will continue to function. Data through April 30, 2020 will be presented as expected, however, data for dates after that will be forward filled with the last known data. The subtle point is, for good or bad, there won't be any import errors generated. If you are using one of the PsychSignal datasets in a contest algorithm it should continue to run and will not be disqualified. However, it probably won't be generating the expected signals. At some point the algo behavior may change enough for it to fail some constraints (like turnover, leverage, etc) and then be disqualified. It's up to individual users if they wish to manually stop these contest entries if desired.

Why the change?

Quantopian constantly tries to balance features and offerings with backward compatibility, future roadmap integration, financial, and technical considerations to provide the best utility and experience for our users. In recent talks with PsychSignal we weren't able to resolve some issues impacting continued use of their data. We therefore made the decision to drop their service as of April 30, 2020.

Going forward?

The general roadmap going forward is to continue integrating more global equity data. The focus here is to surface complex data in a meaningful unambiguous way. Examples would be Factset Estimates and Geographic Revenue Exposure datasets which take inherently complex data and add value by exposing it in a simple manner. Additionally, we are looking to build on the Self Serve Data tools for integration of 3rd party, macro-economic, and sharable datasets. More on that later.


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7 responses

Oh no! That's in a couple weeks. And I was soooo close to retaking the leaderboard. Damn.

One of the dataset that were more useful to me and allowed me to reach n1 spot in the daily competition :(

this is the more powerful sentiment dataset. You should reconsider your decision

Anyone in the quantopian community have any suggestions on sentiment datasets to consider that are similar to PsychSignal?

What are alternatives to PsychSignal?

QuantConnect has Tiingo...
Anyway I think that one could either do some sort of data scraping and import data live or subscribe to PsychSignal...