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I am new to Python and Quantopian. Please guide.

In the following link as instructed (

Get backtest object

bt = get_backtest('55db2def35e3b00d9986aa99')

Create all tear sheets


What is 55db2def35e3b00d9986aa99'?
And where am I supposed to run this code ? In python command ?

Do I have to run this code also before running the above code ?
import pyfolio as pf

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Hi Pankaj,

That code is the ID of the backtest for which you would like to create a tearsheet. You can see how to get it here. This code is meant to be run in the research environment, exactly like the code in the link you copied! Check out this post for more details.

I hope this helps!


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Hi Jamie,
Thanks for the response. I am going through these links to learn the basics to use Quantopian
As suggested on the link to run Backtesting the algorithm is

***# Get backtest object
bt = get_backtest('56667f153446741fa7000630')

Create all tear sheets


The ID I am just testing for example is

When I run the code on the Research Notebook here
NoSuchAlgorithm: Algorithm with id '56667f153446741fa7000630' was not found.

What's the wrong with my code and ID ? Please help.


Has to be from the FULL backtest page, the second id in address line. (The first will be the one above).

Hi garyha,

This page is not FULL backtest page ? Please look at this page > I think it must be the FULL one. as I am able to run the backtest using RUN FULL Backtest key. But when I run the following code using,it says invalid syntax ? Please correct me.
# Get backtest object
bt = get_backtest(56668f963d6fd43780000019'')

Create all tear sheets

Right, from that page, click the blue button toward the upper right that says 'Run Full Backtest'. It is termed Full because it serves up more information, otherwise it is the same time-frame and execution of our code. It is more code on their end, at the server. Then in the address bar (once it is running) you'll have something that looks like

You'll need to disregard the '#backtest' part at the tail end of it, and copy just the second id before it and after the last slash. That's the id that will work. In this case it is 5666a7d4124ef11148b6e701

Got it now. Thanks . So , whats the difference between what is running after clicking RUN FULL BACKTEST and the code output ?

How to send my output as a file and take hard copy of the output notebook ?