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Pyfolio | bt.create_full_tear_sheet() was not working | ISSUE RESOLVED

Relevant notebook is attached:
The cells between "BENCHMARK: MARKET PERFORMANCE" and "PART 1" (excluding "PART 1")
Have been re run TODAY: 5/12/2017 @ around 4pm.
the rest were run LAST WEEK (@6:15pm (phoenix AZ (NO D.S.T.)) on Sunday-May 7th)

Nothing has changed on my end, but now bt.create_full_tear_sheet() is returning errors.

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What was working on may 7th of 2017 is no longer working on may 12th of 2017:

"restart and clear all output" re ran every cell every cell with code
bt.create_returns_tear_sheet() and bt.create_full_tear_sheet() are now returning errors.

I will try a brand new note book next.

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brand new notebook | same old problem

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the feature that aren't showing up in "create_full_backtest" can be created manually as shown in the attached notebook

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SOLUTION: Just shut down the notebook(from the main notebooks tab where all your notebooks are displayed) and open it up again. be sure to give the kernel time to start up before you try using the notebook (~10 seconds)

@Jacob, your last posted notebook showed really impressive numbers. May I ask what type of trading strategy you used?

From my knowledge, yahoo finance stopped supporting certain functions ie grabbing comparison data. Not sure how long this will take