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Quandl data missing?

I must be overlooking something, but I cannot get to the Quandl data:


# import the dataset  
from import fred_dswp10  
# Since this data is public domain and provided by Quandl for free, there is no _free version of this  
# data set, as found in the premium sets. This import gets you the entirety of this data set.

ImportErrorTraceback (most recent call last)  
<ipython-input-5-f0afec2263ef> in <module>()  
      1 # import the dataset  
----> 2 from import fred_dswp10  
      3 # Since this data is public domain and provided by Quandl for free, there is no _free version of this  
      4 # data set, as found in the premium sets. This import gets you the entirety of this data set.  

ImportError: cannot import name fred_dswp10  
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Hi Rudy,

The fred_dswp dataset has been removed from Quantopian as it is no longer supported by Quandl. They have historical data up on their website but they are no longer updating it.

We don't have a good replacement for it at this time but it's certainly something that we will keep an eye out for.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your response.

How about the 10 year treasury rate as an alternative?:

Quandl: 10-year treasury constant maturity rate

Hi Rudy,

Yes, we can add that. I expect it to be up in the next couple of weeks. I'll post back here when it's up.

Great, thank you!

Hi Rudy,

The 10 year treasury rate is now available on the platform. I apologize for the delay. Sorry for the incorrect timeline.

That is excellent news, thanks for following up!

I am trying to use the 10 year treasury rate dataset and am getting: "You do not have access to the following dataset(s): quandl.fred_dgs10 (enable access at" . However, that page has no button to enable the dataset, and the Access Status is
"You've got access to the full dataset." What do I need to do to turn this on?

I also note that the fred_dswp dataset is still listed as being available on the Quantopian data pages. When I try to use it, however, I get "ImportError: cannot import name fred_dswp10 "

Hi Paul,

Sorry about that. The fred_dgs10 dataset should now be working.

Thanks. However, I changed from successfully using the LIBOR dataset to point to this one and now I'm getting nans. I've looked at a few random dates and the value of the value field is always nan...?

Same here- I get nothing but NaN. Can this be fixed?

Same problem.