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Quantopian 2 :( Help!!!

Hey I was using quantopian for my Thesis, and all of a sudden they changed the coding requirements. I can't place an order to test my data. Could some one help me :(

All I need is for this to work again. I was using the data command a lot earlier and it was working so well :( . The Algo is pretty small, I would appreciate if someone could fix this for me.

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for stock in context.stock:

This needs to be changed, but I do not understand the documentation.

Hi Ankit,

There are a few things you need to do to fix your code.

First, data.fetcher_assets gets the equities that the fetcher has data for. So the fields 'Abs' and 'Rel' are never going to be in fetcher_assets. So you can go ahead and remove line 81, if ('Abs' and 'Rel') in data.fetcher_assets:.

Second, you don't get the fetcher data using fetcher_asset, but instead by using data.current. So you should replace all occurrences of data.fetcher_asset[stock]('Rel') with data.current(stock, 'Rel'), and the same for 'Abs'.

Finally, you're trying to run order_target_percent on context.stock, but context.stock is your list of equities. You'll want to put stock instead, because it represents an item of the list.


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