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How can I use Quantopian in python? Does anyone have an up to date link of the packages I can download using Conda

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I tried this conda install -c Quantopian zipline

But this does not work when I type import Quantopian or import quantopian

Unless you have some compelling reason to load zipline locally (ie the open source code which runs the Quantopian backtester) I'd strongly recommend using the online version provided by Quantopian here. No need to install anything. Just run from your browser. A couple of issues you will have with a local install is getting a source for data and then not being able to easily post to the forums here.

See also and There are folks using zipline for real-money live trading. They might be able to point you in the right direction. The main focus of this forum is algo development targeted at Quantopian's 1337 Street Fund (the formal name of the Quantopian crowd-sourced hedge fund). The present focus for algos is encapsulated here: