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Quantopian & Canadian Retirement Accounts (RRSP & TFSA)


Important FYI for Canadian users, RRSPs and TFSAs accounts at IB, won't work with Quantopian as they only accept USD based currencies accounts. There's only one base currency for TFSA and RRSP accounts ( CAD only) . I wanted to go livewith one of my Algo , but was unable to do so because of this restriction. Hopefully this will be resolved in the near future .



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I forgot to add that I exchanged all my CAD to USD , but still no go.

Yes, true. I am restarting work on my own trading infrastructure, partly due to this, since I suspect it is a feature that is far from the top of Quantopian's todo list.

yeah , very unfortunate. Been working on this algorithm for 10 months, and can only ( auto) trade it in a margin account it looks like. I'll have to put the trade manually now.

If you open the non-reg first and set base to USD, the TFSA can be done in USD and will work in quantopian.

Hi Sam,May I ask how you deposit money into USD TFSA account?Have you tried run Algo in Qutopian on you TFSA?

Hey Bin - Not sure if this "loophole" works anymore, but I opened a non-REG first with USD base currency. Then in account management you can open another account (TFSA/RRSP).I funded everything in CAD and just converted to USD within IB. Yes, I'm trading all 3 RRSP/TFSA/Non-REG at once LIVE right now.

Thanks Sam,you are so helpful.I will try to do the things.