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Quantopian community and kudos


Quantopian Open Contest is present in a lot of Quantopian users head.
This post is something quite different : it's about "kudos" (from greek "κύδος" or "kydos"). It means the glory and renown resulting from a successful action.

Maybe you should allow users to grant some "kudos" to other users.

When your public algo is being cloned, it could provide kudos.
If someone click on a button "I like this post", it could also.

I think such idea is important to keep a kind of community spirit.

My 2cts
(sorry "My 2 kudos")

Kind regards

PS: I won't win Quantopian Open... I'm not going live for now (so I won't be able to apply to Quantopian Managers Program)... but I'm sure I won't win a kudos contest too (Grant will be winner of such a contest !) ;-) that's life !

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Like the idea but there are a bunch of features I would like to see implemented first Performance being the top in the list

Ditto, kudos to the idea, I'd like a thumbs up icon on posts although maybe no thumbs down, only one more column in the database.

a la stackoverflow :) could be good

No with Stackoverflow you can vote down if you have enough points... vote up only is probably better as it's a positive reward.

Kaggle also tracks Forum up/down votes and this would be a good feature.

I love everything about this idea! Here's my upvote and kudos


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I'll pass on the kudos contest, and see if I can win the real one (or at least have some fun and learn a few things, as well).