Back to Community import USEquityPricing showing slightly incorrect data on many stocks. Is it fixable?

I'm a Quantopian newbie and have been playing around with the IDE using the "Build Algorithm" button and checking my filters via outputting to the logs.
It seems that there are so many incorrect daily prices on USEquityPricing. They are approximately right, but many other systems (including ) show different open and close prices.
Is there a pipeline I can connect to in the IDE to get accurate data or can I fix this one?

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For instance,this log shows
2019-02-13 02:20 regression:222 INFO Sec FTR FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS CORP todays_open 2.1 todays_close 2.6
Both IG markets and the NYSE mentioned above show (open 2.28 close 2.32) (open 2.29 close 2.33) respectively.
It would basically mean I'd miss this trade if I were working in real time.

Ah, I had the array the wrong way around. Prices are now within $0.005 to $0.01 different from other price indicators.