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Quantopian hedge fund - how's it going?

Not much news lately on the much vaunted Quantopian Globally Crowd-Sourced Hedge Fund (how do I do flashing neon?). Are you still working on it? What's going on? Or is there an upcoming "Ta-da!" in the usual Q style, when all will be revealed?

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Any response? I posted a similar question last fall (Oct 1, 2015), and basically no information was shared ("The time is not yet ripe for us to answer these questions").

Any substantive information to be shared? Still working on the fund concept? Still part of the business plan? Seems like lots of secrecy these days, no? Is there a reason for the lack of transparency? Standard operating procedure in the world of business, I understand, but this is are asking people to work for free, so in exchange it seems more information should be flowing (beyond the controlled story and media "buzz"). Maybe if you shared more information, more people would work for free?

I agree, it would be nice to have some news regarding the hedge fund. This is the most exiting "feature" of Quantopian and I believe many people are waiting for some info.

I think the problem they are running into is that they purely arent finding enough strategies that make money and are uncorrelated. Its very hard to do that when you limit everything to just US Equities. Its also very hard to do that seeing no when wants to really give up their secret sauce.

Another problem is that, they have a zero track record. Doesnt help fund raising.

Lastly, I think there are very large potential compliance problems. Are the quantopian users employees? Contractors? Do they need to be advisor?

I agree with Grant. It would be nice to have more feedback on what they are trying regarding the fund. I'm sure they must have come out with pretty neat stuff on algos blending and portfolio building. I think they recently talked about starting a blog? Good or bad results, it would be so interesting to follow!

Any feedback?