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Quantopian in the news (brief mention on BBC)

Just randomly found this article in the Features section of BBC news ...featuring Dr Thomas Wiecki and chief executive John Fawcett:

"When data was scarce, people would hoard information, and find an edge in investing that way," says Dr Thomas Wiecki, lead data scientist at Quantopian, a crowd-sourced hedge fund.
"Now we take huge mountains of data a human could never analyse, and automate it."
Quantopian gives monthly prizes to private investors who come up with their own market beating algorithms.


But others believe we'll never reach that point - the world is just too complex. No algorithm will ever be able to predict the future.
"Everyone openly admits it's impossible," says Quantopian chief executive John Fawcett.
"But it's too important to ignore."

I didn't realise Quantopian was a household name already! ;)