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Quantopian is Ending Broker Integration and Live Trading?

I'm sure we all who have been live trading just received the email that they are ending live trading support. I just wanted to voice my frustration over this sudden announcement.

Quantopian's homepage reads: "Leveling Wall Street's Playing Field." When they supported live trading with user written algorithms I felt that they were living up to that mission and then some. Now... it seems that big finance has stepped in and paid to end this. If the support was becoming too costly why wouldn't they at least offer the live trading for a fee? I think I'd be okay with that, but to end it so suddenly is upsetting.

I also know that they claim that live trading has become misaligned with their goals of developing a hedge fund. But I think they missed a key element, many of us came to this platform to use live trading first, then we started experimenting with developing market neutral strategies. It wasn't the other way around. So by now discontinuing that service they will shut off a key driver of user growth and therefore of viable algorithm development growth.

Is anyone else as frustrated as I am?

I guess we'll have to look to help the folks developing the opensource version of zipline drive to keep some of this alive. But we will still be shut off from the data sources...

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Didn't get an e-mail. I have two algos live trading right now.

@Tyler Wilson: You will. support ends in September.

Stephen, you pointed out the most important part

Quantopian's homepage reads: "Leveling Wall Street's Playing Field."

and I completely agree with

many of us came to this platform to use live trading first, then we started experimenting with developing market neutral strategies. It wasn't the other way around. So by now discontinuing that service they will shut off a key driver of user growth and therefore of viable algorithm development growth.

I will not be able justify continued use of this site.

Stephen, please reply to my separate thread as well, so hopefully these will get 'stickied'? under 'interesting' on the forum.

this is unfortunate, especially for those of us that have full time jobs and can't daytrade while Quantopian could.

I am so upset here. My long only system harvest volatility like a beast. It killed it in 2008.

I have never been so excited about waking up on monday morning at 630am

They sold out. And its shameful that they sold a meritocracy and then let big money buy them out. I hope they can't sleep at night.

We should write all the management on email and twitter Get some media... this is sickening.

I've seen some shady stuff in the market since I've been investing... this is one of the most profoundly disturbing things that could happen to a community dedicated to levelling the playing field.

I wonder if offering a fee based service could have kept it alive. This was my hobby, but if I can't trade what's the point.

Hey guys, there are other options. If you're trading with IB and aren't using any of the fancy alternative datasets, QuantConnect is pretty much Quantopian's fraternal twin. Not clear yet what the best solution for Robinhood users will be. Probably somebody will implement a Robinhood integration for QuantConnect, or else something else will appear.

If you guys wouldn't mind filling out my questionaire, I'm really curious to collect everybody's stories and get a sense for what the community of live traders is like:

I'll fill out the questionnaire shortly, but one of the things I'm wondering is if QuantConnect still supports Tradier Brokerage. I saw press releases about it from two years ago, but in my limited exploring of the QC website, I can only find IB for equity trading. I signed up for a trial of's trading service (which is provided though Tradier), which is $29.95/month for unlimited trading. I haven't used it yet, but considered leaving Quantopian for QuantConnect a month or so ago to use Tradier due to being able to take short positions for basically the cost of Robinhood Gold.

I wonder if they have considered ending the 15 minute delays on paper trading so that we can still live trade manually... i know that some algorithms only trade monthly or less often, but some trade daily and would need this delay removed if we were to use it effectively.

@Josh -- I don't think they've considered it nor have any reason to consider it. The 15-minute delay is an industry-wide thing. I don't think they can post real-time information for free. All this data is licensed and they are bound by the terms of those licenses.

I also think it's a wasted effort thinking about different stopgaps they could implement. They've explained their reasons for discontinuing supporting live brokerage trading pretty well -- it's a distraction from their goals. The Quantopian platform is here for people to develop algorithms for allocations from their fund. They're not going to waste more money and energy implementing hacks to the platform that undercut or distract from that purpose.

It was amazing that they were giving us these live-trading tools for free, with no immediate benefit to them. It's hard to imagine how much money they spent on that. It was probably a lot.

I could not be more disappointed. I only heard of this two weeks ago, got very excited, spent all last week learning python and writing my first script, only to learn very suddenly I couldn't connect my account. Very disappointed with the communication from Quantopian, what a waste of time! Got my excited about algo trading and then pulled the carpet out from under me...

same here

Quantopian really duped all of us. It would be like Robinhood telling all their users, sorry we no longer will offer commission free trades! Never been so disappointed with a company that I constantly bragged about due to their (FAKE) cause of leveling the playing field for the little guy.

Quantopian's investors clearly are the BIG GUY and only want whats best for the BIG GUYS. Suprised on how management caved in and completely disregarded ALL (99.99%) of their users. Oh well. Its a free market. Quantopian will ultimately lose the most from this decision even though we feel like we are the biggest losers right now.

When I first read the email I was speechless and almost thought it was fake. Now I am just speechless.

TradeStation is a free algo trading platform that is also a broker. A lot of the strategies I see here can be easily replicated in TradeStation.

For Robinhood Users, checkout this framework... it's a simple lightweight framework, the project is looking for quants/developers willing to use, test and grow it. it's still in it's infancy but has potential.

We should create a completely open platform for doing all the cool stuff that quantipian does, and probably even more, which is self-funding somehow and always open. That would be cool.

What a joke.

This is so sad to hear. I've been developing and testing my algorithms since 2017, and I am finally ready to deploy some of them only to hear that live trading is no longer supported. As some of the other users suggested, I am checking out Quantconnect. If I can get that platform to work, then I will likely delete all my work on this platform here and migrate my codes over.

Hi Jerry, You can use Zipline-live however with minimal adjustments. QuantoConnect is OK, but it's a hard platform and the data is so so. Ping me PRivately, I can help you to migrate to zipline-live

Peter, can you elaborate on QuantConnect data being so so? I had heard the platform was complicated but hadn't heard anything about the data.