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Quantopian Notebooks site forbidden

I'm trying to open a new jupyter notebook from the Notebooks section in the Research tab of Quantopian website, but everytime I do so, it is showing error 403: Forbidden. Can someone please help me with the problem?

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A 403 error in notebooks is typically a browser settings issue. Quantopian's research environment relies on third party cookies and cross site tracking to protect user's intellectual property. Those two features must be enabled in your browser. Not having these enabled can cause issues. For this same reason one cannot use an 'incognito' window to access notebooks.

Here are some browser specific instructions to maybe get research working:

  • Chrome: In preferences, find the cookies menu. Enable the switch that
    says "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (Recommended)", and
    disable the "Block third party cookies" switch.
  • Firefox: In preferences, find the cookies and site data menu. Check
    the box that says "Accept cookies and site data from websites" and
    make sure the box that blocks Third-Party Cookies is unchecked.
  • Safari: In preferences, go to the privacy menu. Make sure cross site
    tracking is unchecked.

If none of these things work, try disabling all extensions, and re-enabling them one a time to find which one is causing issues. If you find one that is causing the Quantopian site to break, try whitelisting and Those are the two domains that Quantopian uses.

There may be other issues with your network or computer firewall or simply that your browser is not refreshing after settings were changed and working from cache. If all else fails contact Quantopian support (the link at the bottom of this page).

Hope that helps!


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I have tried opening it in 3 different devices. I even downloaded another browser on MacBook (Firefox) to see whether it is a browser problem or not. But failed. Had it been a browser issue, it should have opened in some or the other device. But nothing. I have also issued this to Quantopian through the contact support, but even after three days, got no response. Is there any other way I can get a notebook running on this website?

@Arunesh Sarker I've looked at our logs and do see your adding a new device and several logins. Beyond that nothing seems wrong on our end (other than I don't see any notebook fetches). If you are certain your browser is set to accept cookies and also allow cross-site tracking, then perhaps it's a network issue? I am assuming all the browsers you tried ran through the same network? If you can, perhaps use your phone as a hotspot and try to connect through the cell network.

If it's not the browser, and it's not the network, then perhaps there is a firewall or something set on your computer? Do you have another computer to try? Those are the three functional areas which can cause a hangup.

Try that if you can and get back.

Okay here is a brief summary of my situation

I'm primarily using Quantopian website on my MacBook with Safari browser, running an internet connection taken from hotspot from my smartphone. The multiple logins were made because I was accessing the site in Incognito mode. But even in normal mode also, the Notebooks section won't open, showing an error like "too many redirects occurred trying to open .....This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to another page, which is then redirected to open the original page". I used my second laptop, a Windows laptop, and using USB tethering of the same smartphone connection, tried to open the site from Opera browser. It showed Error 403, Forbidden. I also tried to open using my smartphone, but there it says "screen size not suitable for this site" or something like that, indicating that the Notebooks section can only be opened using computers.

So is there a problem with my internet connection? I have unchecked cross-site tracking in Safari Preferences, cleared all cache and cookies and tried to restart again, but no improvement.
I hope the problem is clear now.
It would be really helpful if you kindly check into the matter.
Thanks a lot.