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Quantopian or Zipline?

Hello All,

I'm interested in Quantopian and Zipline but I don't understand the subleties yet. I know Quantopian will be the way to go for broker integration (IB initially), for a reliable data source and a low 'cost of entry' in terms of programming skill. But what about Zipline i.e. do I need to provide my own data source with Zipline as well as write my own front-end? (I have assumed the latter so please correct me.)

Another thought: on github Zipline is 'under' Quantopian' - this doesn't feel right of Quantopian is commericial and Zipline is Open Source.



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You will need to write your own front-end for Zipline yes (website, etc). IIRC Zipline can fetch prices from Yahoo but since it's open source it wouldn't be too hard to plugin your own data-source in there if you needed.