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Quantopian starts fund for outside investors

"Quantopian has launched its first fund for external investors ...."

Full article:

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SEC filing is

By "external investors" presumably that means institutional and family office types only. I've found it interesting how Quantopian has only pursued one side of the crowd-sourced model. One would have thought that concurrent with launching the fund, they would have sorted out a way to allow ordinary folk to invest, but perhaps from a regulatory standpoint, this is challenging. I suppose if I sent a check for $100 to the "1337 Street Fund, LP" just for yucks, they'd have to send it back.

IANAL but I imagine you'd need to be an accredited investor in order to invest in the fund.

Though it would be interesting to see the prospectus for the fund ...

Regarding the accredited investor jazz, I wonder if there is any path for Q users to participate? For example, say somebody set up a charity that invested in the 1337 Street Fund? Would that fly? I'd send in my $100, get nothing in return, but any profits would go to my favorite charity. In exchange, I'd get some visibility into the fund (e.g. prospectus-type info.). And Q would have provided a path for users to invest in the fund and support charities, as well. Seems like a winner.

Unfortunately, per, there is a slight impediment:

a charitable organization, corporation, or partnership with assets exceeding $5 million