Quantopian's community platform is shutting down. Please read this post for more information and download your code.
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Quantopian’s Community Services are Closing

Hello everyone,

Since 2012, Quantopian has been a place for people all over the world to learn quantitative finance. Today, I’m sad to say that we will be winding down Quantopian’s free community offering over the next couple of weeks and on November 14th, the community platform will be taken down.

I love the Quantopian community and I am so grateful that you believed in us and supported us over this long journey. Crowd-sourcing alpha was a moonshot and I’m deeply thankful that we had the opportunity to pursue the dream together for 9 years.

Our mission was to break open quant finance and make it accessible to everyone. You helped realize this mission and came together to form the biggest community of quants the world has ever seen. For that, I am extremely proud and grateful. I sincerely hope that Quantopian is just one milestone in your journey through quantitative finance. Knowing so many of you and your creative energy, I expect you will use your Quantopian experience to learn and grow, and look for new ways to disrupt the industry.

In terms of logistics, Research and Backtesting are no longer available. However, you can download your code (algorithms and notebooks) until November 14th, at which point the Quantopian community website will be taken down. There is a “Download Code” button in your account settings that allows you to download all of your code in a zip file. We know this is short notice, so we’re hoping that this helps you get your IP on to your local machine more easily.

While the Quantopian community platform will no longer be available, Zipline, Alphalens, Pyfolio, Empyrical, Trading Calendars, and our other open source projects will all live on in GitHub. For those of you who used our tools on Quantopian, we hope that you can turn to the code on GitHub to get setup locally. We are also looking to find a home for the YouTube channel so that the lectures and other educational content can continue to exist online.

We launched the Quantopian community in 2012 with just a simple backtester. You pushed us to keep building and improving, leading us to the high-quality platform that is Quantopian today. Thank you to everyone for making Quantopian so special.



The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation to buy, or a recommendation or endorsement for any security or strategy, nor does it constitute an offer to provide investment advisory services by Quantopian. In addition, the material offers no opinion with respect to the suitability of any security or specific investment. No information contained herein should be regarded as a suggestion to engage in or refrain from any investment-related course of action as none of Quantopian nor any of its affiliates is undertaking to provide investment advice, act as an adviser to any plan or entity subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended, individual retirement account or individual retirement annuity, or give advice in a fiduciary capacity with respect to the materials presented herein. If you are an individual retirement or other investor, contact your financial advisor or other fiduciary unrelated to Quantopian about whether any given investment idea, strategy, product or service described herein may be appropriate for your circumstances. All investments involve risk, including loss of principal. Quantopian makes no guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the views expressed in the website. The views are subject to change, and may have become unreliable for various reasons, including changes in market conditions or economic circumstances.

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Very bad news!!!

Without any premonition and simply close the algos? Terrible !!!

Guys... I'm very sad for this :(

So what is the actual reason why it is closing down?

Sad to hear, was about to test some things now

Was there a heads-up so we could retrieve our results? backtests? :(

I was about halfway through the lectures and I've been able to learn so much from this website. I hope there is some way for Quantopian to live on...

There is a “Download Code” button in your account settings that allows you to download all of your code in a zip file.

Many thanks! :-( :-)

Is there an alternate service offered by Q, e.g. "Q corporate", as a paid service?

I can't download the code I just edited

Also, to which alternative service is everyone moving to?

Will there be a place to download the lecture notebooks? Those were so helpful!

I try to print all the valuable posts to PDFs as memories that I've spent good time here with all of u. :-)

Very keen to understand if you'll offer some billable service :) Let us know guys!!

So sad to hear the news

0-day notice! Are you kidding me >where is all the code ??

My all algorithms/codes/backtests are all gone. Can you recover it?

Thanks for giving us notice! We lost all of our code.

There is a “Download Code” button in your account settings that allows you to download all of your code in a zip file.

Maybe we can go here to discuss finding alternatives.


There is no "Download Code" button!! where is it?

To "Download Code" go to => Account => Edit Account => Account Tab => Scroll down (you'll see the Download button)

or simple click this link:

and scroll down ....

It says "Something went wrong." the page has no such button on it

Yes, why is it closing down?

I am halfway through the lectures :( So sad
I was using the lectures to teach myself quant finance, was enjoying them so much, feel lost now.

then ask the Q-Support to help you.

NO :(
Is there anyway we can run our backtest?

You can always try QuantConnect.

@Thomas Chang, were you able to extract the zip file? I ran into errors extracting the zip file.

And where is the button that downloads the whole forum?
So much valuable information here, will it all just vanish into oblivion?

It worked for me, perhaps try to download it again?

I can download the zip file.

If you can't, you should contact the Q-support.

I'm able to download, but cannot open the zip file once it's on my computer.

"Windows cannot open the folder. The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid."

Any pointers?

Thanks Q for a free platform all these years! I learned a ton on here and sad to see it go.

@Tentor, thanks. I tried downloading it again and still get an error (code - 0x80070057) when extracting the files. I have over 23,000 files.
Some of those are fund algorithms.

Thank you Quantopian for everything you did all of these years. I wish you the best with your new pro offering.

Thank you Quantopian for everything. I learned a lot over the year i have been on this platform. You have definitly changed my life for the better.

Bad idea. Just like it is, you can monetize the site and add some more content.

I agree with Manuel.
This is so sad but it is what it is.
Quant dream will continue living in our hearts :D

Just solved the download issue. The support folks helped. Apparently, my archive job was stuck on the server. Contact support if you have similar issues.

This has been very jarring. A few weeks of notice would have been so much appreciated !!!!! What went suddenly wrong ??

What is the reason behind this sudden move? If it is a financial issue, remember many of the folks here are willing to fund a crowdfunding campaign. I personally would set up the campaign and find institutions to back this site! You guys have done soo much for the community and the community can and will help to maintain the site....

Like Mark mentions above, QuantConnect is a good alternative.
They offer free online backtesting, a research environment, and live trading. That's where a lot of the community went for live trading after QP shut down that functionality on the site. It can be a little tricky to learn, but has a lot of similarities. For those that trade asset classes other than equities, it offers options, futures, forex, and crypto data too.

Thanks for the ZERO notice. How disappointing. Quantopian kickstarted my career so I cant be that mad... Sad to see this happen. Good luck to you all!

So long Quantopian. It has been an interesting trip.

A sad day indeed! Thanks for the downloaded zip, I very much appreciate that.

For anyone interested, I've joined the Numerai community since around March of this year. It's a fun place to learn, earn, and burn (NMR). Just like Quantopian was a great place to learn about quant finance, Numerai is a great place to learn about data science and machine learning in the quant finance domain. Hope to see some of you there.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Let us go forward, who is the next challenger that will take over the adventure and restart a new community with a bright future?
There is an opportunity to seize right now!

Very sad to see this happen. Guess I'm lucky as I've already transitioned to my own server and data using Zipline and Pyfolio for backtesting. If anyone needs help, feel free to reach out to me. I've also recently created a few videos on my YouTube channel on how to set up and run Zipline and Pyfolio locally if it helps anyone:

Reading through all of this, there is an interest in a paid alternative. I frequently wondered how Quantopian could support the kind of service it offered without income. Is there a paid alternative to Quantopian, such as a Members-Only Quantopian? I would gladly subscribe to this website. Like many, I have critical code actually being used daily to make investment decisions.

Hard to compete with AI quants these days.
The Q was my first foray into Python, which I hated at first, and then grew to enjoy. Hopefully y'all's Python skills can be used for data analysis in other industries.

Lol, yeah this is bad news. I don't know if there was just an algorithm that was found that beat out all the others and so the objective of this platform has been reached or what. What good is downloading your code if Quantopian uses a proprietary API?

Will at least your learning material and forums stay available? This is a great place to start learning and just leaving the material online should not cause costs or manpower expenses. I would really appreciate if you could leave these services online!

Thank you very much for so many years of service! And good luck with the road forward!

I am devastated to hear this! I hope you consider running this again!


I'm very sorry for hearing this, there was a lot of valuable content.

Is it possible to download the lectures somewhere? Thanks!

@John Fawcett, my thanks to you and your team. You all have my appreciation for the work you have done over the years. Special thanks for the “Download” button.

Thank you also to all who engaged in the various discussions I participated in. I will be missing you all. It was an interesting journey.

My best wishes to all.

Very sad...

Just yesterday, we released our Desktop-As-A-Service that supports the full research-backtest-live trading cycle, using the zipline simulator.
Check out:
and our video at:


I have greatly appreciated the resource Quantopian has provided and this is sad news.
That said, this announcement leaves a lot to be desired.
- Why only 2 weeks notice?
- Why can’t you leave open the editors and let people finish up projects before you shut them out?
- Are you offering a replacement (paid) service? Apparently not?
- What is the business reason for this change? Don’t you think you owe the community any kind of explanation before shutting them off cold?
- Communities take a while to ramp up, and a while to ramp down (or at least they should, when it’s done properly.)

Terrible news. Sad to hear Quantopian will be no more. Hopefully the lectures can be maintained on YouTube.

I just started learning a week ago. Now it's shutting down. So sad...

This is bad news. Just like Google closes down their tools that people got used to. It is an example not to rely on something that needed constant cash flow. It is a good thing that the guys from www.wealth-lab.com are working on a long awaited new WealthLab 7 (WL7).
No one can take a desktop version away from you. At the same time there will be some developing tools on the web. I think this is the combination to go. The discussion has started already here: https://www.wealth-lab.com/Forum/Posts/The-future-of-WLD-40455 and here: https://www.wealth-lab.com/Forum/Posts/WL7-Sneak-Previews-40463.
Feel free to join!

So apparently Quantopian found the elusive alpha (possibly from somewhere within the community), and now they are taking it private? Forgive my cynicism. Without further information, this explanation seems rational.


Is there a way to download the video lectures, notebooks, and shared algorithms?

At the end of the day, money always wins. Leveling the wall street field was leveling it for the big guys. thanks

If it's about the costs of managing it, we can pay to support. However, somehow I think that in time to come we will know the facts, which will be not as beautiful as the note. Apologies for being candid, I do not use this platform but I know so many who do. If money is the issue consider it resolved. Do contact me if you want someone to host it and and keep it running. Best.

Many thanks to Quantopian folks for the hard work the past few years - wouldn't have thought of a career in quantitative finance if it weren't for Quantopian.

Also to everyone who bashed Quantopian for giving no notice, making a sudden-move, providing no rational reason, and so on. If you just spent 5 minutes Googling news about Quantopian you wouldn't have made such ridiculous statements.

Jonathan Rebhahn

I doubt that very much indeed. Anyone who has been in hedge funds long enough knows that there are no real repeatable long term edges in investment. Look at what has happened to CTAs in recent years. Look at the performance of most hedge funds over the past decade.

Why would they have returned money to Steven Cohen if they had hit the jackpot?

Highly probably no real, lasting alpha has been discovered by anyone and so they are looking to sell shovels to the gold miners.

Edges are to be found elsewhere.

What is the reason for shutting down the community platform?
If it's merely a financial issue would you be interested in selling it?

Does anyone have all the notebooks? If yes, can you please share them?

Sad to see this news.

I believe [Blueshift] by QuantInsti can fill its void and can be used as an alternative. They have access to various markets too.

We can all migrate to Quantconnect where you can do live trading, backtesting with L1 equity data and Morningstar fundamental data. Their platform is also vibrant.

It seems that your "Reset Password" button is disabled. Can you please enable password reset?

Can we pay to continue using?

Reminds me of how Quandl said they were going to democratize financial data and then sold out to Nasdaq and all of the great free data disappeared.
In other words the developers got what they wanted from the public for free and are now going to sell the service or totally close up and use it for themselves.
Was there anything in the legalese about "your code" being kept private if the service is taken down? How will you known that it is not being used?

For those who are interested in a paid alternative and don’t want to learn a new backtesting engine (QuantConnect) or be limited to the S&P 500 (Blueshift), check out QuantRocket. It supports backtesting and live trading with Zipline and includes a research environment, 1-minute US stock data with survivorship bias-free history back to 2007 for all listed US stocks, fundamental data from Sharadar, brokerage connections to Interactive Brokers and Alpaca, and support for futures as well as equities.


Kind regards,
Brian from QuantRocket

Very sad.... but thanks sincerely for your great work

0 days notice. Thats terrible. I mean, whatever the decision was to close the site you could've at least notified 1 day in advance, 5 hours, 30 minutes, I don't know just a decent amount of time to get our code and results in an ordered way. I was writing my thesis in quantopian. Even screenshots of my backtests would've worked.

Thanks anyway fawce. The market has all been too manipulated I think, it took the covid hit but then went up, not down, for example, inexplicable. Appears more and more manipulated as time rolls on. If anyone wants to try replacing Quantopian, I'm betting success would require Level 3 data ... As much visibility as possible like short interest ... Everything the top admin at a broker can see ...

As far as QuantConnect, at least as of 2018 they were not listening to reason. They assigned one of their top guys to give me 3 hours each weekday for succeeding there, for over a month, because they were hoping it would help round up Quantopian users. Hopefully they've grown past their apparent dopamine high, become willing to make sound changes. For example, scheduling required 5 lines to limit to weekdays, the suggested workaround of injecting SPY in a single schedule command was impractical, logging was nearly useless due to noise, and their multi-index on data was impractical. They should have duplicated what Quantopian does. Signs of their flaws were evident in the way they brushed off Dan Whitnable's suggestions in their forums, one of the most brilliant humans I've ever run into.

Quantopian performed programming miracles here.

Another option is Alpaca, their forum on Slack seems fairly lively. At one point I had code that could run both there and here using an 'if' statement.

Is Quantopian going to open source the complete code, including the optimizer and experimental features?

@ Volker Knapp
Is the WealthLab simmilar to Quantopian?

@Lee YOyo
QuantConnect is not pure Python. It is a wrapper from C#, right? There are many differences to Quantopian.

Can one do the live trade via QuantRocket against my account by IB? Or is the QuantRocket self a broker?

@Erol Aspromatis
I just watched two of your videos in youtube. The part 1 and 2 on backtesting. It seems quite simple and easy to install the zipline and PyFolio to do the backtesting, isn't it? I've subscribed your channel and gave you thumb up at once.

If you don't mind I would open a separated post to discuss how to use the zipline and PyFolio to do the backtesting as you do. If more and more people subscribe your channel, there will be a win-win, right?

Now I have some questions:
I haven't ssen you use the scheduler_function(), why?
I see you use the MS Visual Code. Why not using the Python Spider?
Can one do debug?
Is it possible to connect to IB to do the live trading?

Very said very said to hear it's shutting down.
Would it possible to save a copy/snapshot of what you guys have already discussed in the posts?
I think the posts are very valuable and I can test the ideas on my local machine in the future.

@Tommy Huang

I can test the ideas on my local machine in the future.

What a platform or tool are you using to do the backtesting?

guys can anyone send me the lectures ??? Please , I need them !!!!

Hot Chili Analytics

Uses Zipline and gives you live trading. Back-testing also. Connects to IB.

I have been involved in Hot Chili Analytics since January of this year and have written several simple systems and blog articles for it. While I am sorry to see Quantopian go I wish them well and hope that their further business ventures go as they would wish.

Will the lectures still be available on Youtube?

Q Team, Thank you for the excellent product.
Looking forward to the next one.

All, thank you for the great discussions.
Wishing you the very best.

Best regards, Yulia

This is very sad news. I had just learned about Q and completed course on Financial analysis and Algorithmic trading using Quantopian for research, and I was very excited to begin using Q. I am so saddened and grief struck right now. I wish we knew why it's been shut down.

Lectures are down. Youtube has the videos, but not the notebooks. Plus some lectures have notebooks only, which is very well written and I used it as refresher.
Does anyone have a copy of them and send me? many thanks.

Was just this week in the process of deciding to go with Quantopian or QuantConnect, and ultimately decided to go with QuantConnect. Looks like we made the right choice!

Their paid offering is called Quantopian Enterprise. It appears to be mostly the same as what was previously offered for free.

Does anyone know any sites similiar to Quantopian? I was really getting into the Research side of things.

Sad... Made it through the pandemic spending a lot of time learning on Quantopian.... so long.

Have any of you guys successfully extracted the downloadable zip file? I have Windows 10 and it seems that the long path or file names is causing some errors. Is there a workaround here? I tried Q support but it seems they are in maintenance mode.

will any of the lecture series notebooks be archived or available somewhere?

@James, on my side, it worked perfectly.

You can imagine that many of us have downloaded what we consider our IP since the announcement. That could be a lot of traffic. For instance, my zip file was 15,000Kb (over 1,000 files). I thank Quantopian for having provided that last service. Otherwise, I would have lost a lot of work.

I would suggest: try again, update your ZIP program, or use an older version. Whatever works.

@Guy, thanks for your advice. I shall try again. BTW, what is your operating systems, Windows 10?
I used both the File Explorer zip extractor and also the latest WinZip, both showed the same error. I also edited the Registry to enable long pathnames but still don't extract the files. My zip file was 84,000Kb (~23,000 files). Don't know if that makes any difference.

I have been away from Quantopian for a bit and recently returned to start learning again. I saw that there were no new lessons and instructional type post from Quantopian itself and suspected that something was up. I was actually surprised that Quantopian was still running. If you were paying attention to the effort Quantopian was making lately it was clear that things were not "good." It's a shock that they just stopped it with no warning. Even Google warns you that they are going to shut useful stuff down. All good things must come to an end.

I saw a really amazing Algo that was posted very recently that used ETFs to find bad signals in the market so the investor could get out. It seemed to work fantastically. That algo seemed be incredibly amazing. The market good/bad signals are what mattered. What stocks you choose, as long as they were reasonable, didn't seem to matter that much. I have to wonder if they saw that and now they are off doing that and no longer needed us. Probably not but it makes you wonder.

Interesting read: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2020/02/20/fintech-firm-quantopian-is-returning-investors.html
I suspect they found what they were looking for from the users. Don't need us no mo!

If Zipline is to be made truly open source, can you ensure that the github repository is not "owned" by some entity that won't allow further updates to the code base and several collaborators that can approve pull requests etc?

I've seen too many open source projects die on Github due to them being abandonded with no maintainers.

@James, I use Windows 10. Looked at your profile and it shows you have zero algos and zero backtests. It is now the same on my side after the download. So, I presume you had only 1 chance to download your files. Regrettably, I think your next step is technical support.

@Guy, thanks! I was able to download the zip files several times but always failed in the extraction process. I tried technical support but apparently they're currently under maintenance. So frustrating, some of my best work are there.

Based on my review, QuantConnect offers a technology platform stronger even than Quantopian offered. It was great, but it is gone.

Quantopians UNITE!

Let's focus our collective energy into QuantConnect, drive feature buildout, data acquisition, market access, and a method of alpha monetization that PAYS US in a transparent and direct way.

  • First mission: automated migration tools. "No strategy left behind."
  • Second mission: community consensus on feature requests so we can present QC with a focused and prioritized list of requests that will maximize their ability to deliver. All Quantopians should join and speak-up.

Let's demonstrate what the "democratization of the markets" can really look like....

Has anyone tried using TD Ameritrade Think or Swim to implement the same strategies?

According to this site the error code you mentioned above can be triggered if the disk is too small or broken somehow. Perhaps there just isn't enough space on the drive where you want to extract the zip file?

Hey everyone, it looks like the lectures are still accessible through their github page! You can bet I'll be grabbing as many as I can just in case that goes down too

@James any chance you'd be willing to share your archive of code (just the public strategies, of course)? I can't even download mine.

Very Sad to hear this news.

I am just a reader in Quantopian all these years and love to see so many people try all possibilities.
It is sad to see you shut down Quantopian but thank you very much for sharing.
Best regards.

very sad

Does someone have a copy of all the lectures and community algorithm notebooks that they can share with me?

It is sad to this go, It inspired me to change majors, become a computer science minor, and one day hopefully pursue my PHD in a quant related field. Ultimately I want to become a trader then open my own prop firm or hedge fund. However I am very new to quant finance and have only gotten through the first 11-12 lectures or so and also have purchased Andreas' book. However without the lectures and the forum I do feel that my learning will be hindered. If anyone would be willing to take a young man who is hungry and driven to become a professional in this industry under their wing it would mean a tremendous amount to me. Please reach out if you would be willing to help or have any suggestions for me!

Has anyone tried www.alphien.com ? I'm exploring quantopian alternatives this was recommended by some of my friends. One very big plus according to them is that you can submit your algorithms and get them vetted and reviewed by real quants.

Looks like they are having some sort of hackathon with UBS as well.


Does anyone know if you can load the backtests that are downloaded into pyfolio in the same manner as the you can with Zipline backtests

Yes - it is sad. I think it was a valiant effort by Fawce and the team to democratize quant trading. This is clearly the future of the industry. Quantopian did raise significant VC capital, but it is costly to operate the business. I expect they are stopping because it is difficult to find a business model that links free training and backtesting to sustainable revenues.

At Noviscient we started around the same time have been tracking on a similar fintech path so we are familiar with the struggles. We operate in the systematic trading space but decided not to build a public backtesting platform. We are positioned downstream. The problem we are trying to solve is how to link the bigger pools of capital to emerging managers and trading groups.

We have a platform that connects to multiple prime brokers (trading global equity, futures, fx) for trading groups that have existing strategies with real alpha. They can connect via API and we run a 0 and 20% profit share. The IP stays with the signal generator.

So, we are not a backtesting platform, but if you have been able to identify a trading strategy that generates excess returns uncorrelated with the broader markets then feel free to get in contact at [email protected].

Scott (CEO, Noviscient)

Really shocked to see the news. Just started the journey a couple of weeks ago and I have learnt a lot from here. I would say this is the best Quan community in the world and your lecturers, tutorials, documents are so comprehensive. I cant imagine how much efforts you guys have put on this platform and I would greatly appreciate for all your team's hardworking for past years. I know how hard for a startup and i believe you guys will make your dream become true again one day! we are always here to support you!

Guys, nmfin.tech is a good substitute. It supports backtesting and has many trading strategies and algorithms.

Very sad to see such a great service closing.

I just started working my way through the lectures and this happened.
For anyone interested in lectures, most of the info is still out there. Notebooks are on github and videos are on youtube.

For an exact ordered list of lectures, here is a link to the list with links to notebooks on github: https://gist.github.com/ih2502mk/50d8f7feb614c8676383431b056f4291.

I'm also working on cross-referencing this list to youtube videos.

Sure, understandably those notebooks may not have that much value outside of Quantopian environment. Still tons of useful info for self education.
Besides zipline (i.e. Quantopian backtesting engine) is also available on github so in theory one can setup their own instance of Quantopian-like system on a local machine. The only problem with that is access to data I guess.

Not surprised. When they removed live trading, then paper trading, I know they are closing the platform to the public.

Did anyone here used Blueshift quantinsti? Wondering about your experience since it is also based on Zipline and free backtesting.


@Ihor Marusyk , thank you for the list.

Thanks Fawce and Q Team.
Grateful for all that you have done and given to the community.
I have learnt heaps, and reaped prizes in an amazing and rewarding journey!
That gesture of even providing a download link for members to retrieve their IP really wells me up..


Sad! The problem to find a substitute are the data sets, inclusive fundamental data. On Q these were always available online. Lots of services around, but the data most be downloaded. I am not sure about QC. Maybe someone has a good source, list etc.

QC seems to cater for Q user. Just found the migration tool, but not tested it yet (and do not now if research is converted as well). But might be a good start:

Painful to see this great educative site closing down!

Shameless plug here but I've been trying to make a free and thorough UI based back tester for quite some time. It wasn't free but with the recent shut down of Quantopian, I figured users would need an alternative, so I just made it completely free.

Would love to get everyone's thoughts. If there is enough interest, I am open to expanding it a lot more and adding more data.



quantinsti is not free, right?


is nmfin.tech located in China? Is ther platform QuantOpian like? If not. makes little sense.

Sad news.

OK alternative could be to install zipline locally and then buy data (of course Q was great to offset data cost especially if that's not only EOD but also fundamental data). I wonder if e.g. one could buy subsription on Quandl and then download data locally and then allow other users to split the bill as they are using (but not seeing) data on this shared cloud computer? Kinda the same concept Q used to provide.

@Conny Hegg
Can one do backtesting by www.alphien.com ? If not, makes little sense. The better is QuantOpian like.

@john tzu
Forget the TD Ameritrade Think or Swim . It is quite different.


I saw a really amazing Algo that was posted very recently that used ETFs to find bad signals in the market so the investor could get out.

Which one? Here in forum?

@ Colin Flueck
Have you signed in to the QuantOpian Enterprise? How do you find it? Do you know the price?


Do you use the Hot Chili Analytics now? Have good experiences? If they use zipline, that must be Quantopian like, right?

@Tentor, thanks for the tip. I'll look into it.

@ Fawce & all -

Best wishes. My read of the whole affair, having been involved since just after its inception, is that the fundamentals were off. The stated mission, and the implementation were at odds. It really begged for community ownership and power over the enterprise, and openness of the business. Disruption of the industry might have been possible with a collective effort. I realize this was just not in the DNA of the founders and the venture capitalists who poured considerable sums of money into the business. It was never quite clear how disrupting the industry would come about, with an anti-establishment premise that embraced the status quo in its implementation. I offer this perspective in the spirit of Ray Dalio's "Pain + Reflection = Progress" formula, with the recognition that progress does not come without the pain and reflection.

The business really begged for something along the lines of a worker cooperative business model, with a means for including the whole crowd of users. This perhaps would have made crowd-sourcing alpha less of a moonshot, and thus attracting capital to a high-risk, potentially high-reward venture would have been difficult. Turning away tens of millions of dollars would have taken a real leap of faith.

In any case, thanks for the opportunity. I basically learned that quantitative trading is really hard, and I am now even more curious how some hedge funds and the like have made out like bandits over the years. It was an excellent introduction to Python, and a dabbling into machine learning. Also, I can now see how some folks get caught into basically gambling, since it can become an obsessive hobby (personally, all of my trading losses have been virtual, since via Quantopian I learned that the risk-reward-effort was not for me). I also enjoyed the social networking aspect in the context of common technical problem solving.

I'll plug Ray Dalio again, and encourage folks to follow him, and read his books (he has a new one coming out). He has very much an historical and macro view, and I am finding him to be insightful in interpreting the present, and in gaining some sense for the future. Governments around the world play a huge role in the markets; the idea that markets are free and efficient is totally flawed, as far as I can tell. This has precedent over millennia, but I never paid much attention to it (which perhaps is what governments want people to do--stay oblivious).

一个历史的节点,一个时代的终章 Sad to see you leave.

can you write in Japanese? :-)

Simple real-world business pressures I'm sure - does it pay for itself in the greater context, so can understand. Somewhere along the line the loop has to close with any apparently 'free' service, and if the overall concept doesn't make business-economic sense, guess what ...
So wishing Quantopian well for the future.

@ Thomas Chang
No it is different. www.wealth-lab.com was the first webpage that allowed developing and testing on the web! That was back in 2000. It even had a community that shared thousand+ strategies. Some of them run for 15+ years and still produce profits. It always had a PC based client software that allowed you to use your own data from different sources. So this software is around for 20 years, still running. It is not a multi million dollar eating startup.
IMO the Quantopian direction has always been misguided. Too much Python, too much intra day, too little...

You can do drag and drop programming or"(Powerful C# scripting with WealthScript or Develop in any .NET language"*
*taken from the website.

check out www.cloudquant.com or reach out to me to talk about our platform: [email protected]

It is amazing how many little projects/websites followed the Quantopian way of doing things... 60.000+ users here on this site. I see quite a few systems that looked too good to be true. Anyone trading them and is getting rich?
@Guy Fleury
You are one of the masterminds here. Would you be able to program and test some of the strategies you have published here using WL?

@Volker Knapp,

I have been developing trading strategies/systems since the mid 1990s and at one point in time used WL aside from many others like Amibroker, Tradestation, etc. There are many third party development and backtesting, even execution software out there but the most important and unfortunately, expensive component of an end to end solution is industrial grade data. This is what Q provided to us quants for free albeit with holdout periods. Even though they provided a download button for all our archived algos and notebooks, it is mainly to keep our IPs and coded algos but to recreate them will entail having access to their data, price data from their provider, Morningstar and Factset for fundamental data, physignal for sentiment data, etc. So my unsolicited advice is to first focus on how to acquire industrial grade data or seek a website that is akin to Q, that provides quality data with backtesting and performance/analytical capabilities. Back to the basics, GIGO, garbage in garbage out!

Even though I will forever be grateful with Quantopian for introducing me to the Quant Finance and give me a wonderful tool for free, it is a SHAME to stop in this manner a service without some days of notification, in order let users save results of backtests and output of notebooks. The code is only a small part of it. I have lost months of studies and work here.


Opened an account two days, started learning and this happens.. Guys I appreciate any advice you have to offer please.

I am very sad to hear this.
For anyone who are interested in running Quantopian code for live trading on your local machine, you may consider IBridgePy www.IBridgePy.com, a python platform to backtest and live trade with Interactive Broker, TD Ameritrade and Robinhood.
We have a tutorial about migrating from Quantopian to IBridgePy and you may run your Quantopian codes even without any changes.
https://ibridgepy.com/tutorial-migrating-from-quantopian-to-ibridgepy/ Also, we have many tutorials on YouTube about algorithmic trading. For example,

If you need any help on coding, please check out our well known Rent-a-Coder service.

Disclaimer: This is Dr. Hui Liu, who created IBridgePy.

It is bad notice!!! I am very sad !!!!

@Thomas Chang

Hot Chili Analytics

I have been helping Alan and Jeff Coppola since January and have written several systems and blog articles for them. It works, it connects to IB and it executes trades. You need to provide your own data and currently it is set up to operate with daily data. No doubt in due course provision of greater granularity will be provided for. Yes, it uses Zipline, so all of the experience gained here will be relevant.

I can't download any algorithm from posts anymore. folks, can we share the code on github?

oh! no!! forum conversations will be lost...

Best of luck in your future projects, John.

just sharing this if anyone is moving to QC

It's been a hell of a ride!

@Volker, to answer your question: yes I could. I am in the process of selecting which platform I would like to use going forward, and WL is on the list.

Thanks for your very kind words.

My God No.

I was wondering if there was anyway to save the Quantopian community site ??? Why is this site closing down ??? Could this not be turned into an open-source community ???

What would be needed financially to save this community from oblivion ???


David Blubaugh

Had alot of fun on this side, especially when I won contest 19 back in 2016. Still have all those t-shirts from the old contests :)
Sad to see it go
Good luck Fawce

How about the "Forum"? There are many interesting and good posts made by users. Will our posts be available to read in the future? Any backup? Thanks!

Are there other platforms, except from QuantConnect, that has integrated fundamental data like morningstar?

Hot Chili Analytics has integrated fundamental data

So sad to hear that. Quantopian’s team built an amazing platform and the biggest quant community in the world. I can imagine that, as the product was growing, it was becoming extremely difficult to maintain and add more functionalities. Congrat to Q’s dev team. I wish you all the best and hope that you will all have new great opportunities (no doubt).
As we need to find an alternative - so sad to write that - I am wondering if someone tried backtesting libraries like backtrader. An alternative would be to keep usIng zipline but as the library will not be updated anymore this is a risky bet.

Does anyone have plans for continuing the community?

If anyone is interested in continuing the community we've built here, there's a Discord server we can all join: https://discord.gg/NuK9FYWy7Z

I see there are lots of alternatives to Quantopian being offered above, which is great, but I am skeptical that there is actually a market for a Quantopian-like service. When Quantopian ended its real-money trading it was reported that only about 200 users were using it (via Interactive Brokers and perhaps Robinhood). Quantopian made a valiant effort to get real-money trading off the ground for its users, but it turned out that the market was fairly small for retail algorithmic trading. I understand the concept of "build it and they will come" for venture capital start-ups. Quantopian did a good job of building it (and promoting it), and they did not come (at least not in droves). One would also think that there would have been some up-take by a major player by now (e.g. Interactive Brokers or the start-up Robinhood) if there were viability for a mass market offering. Clearly there is a market for what I'd consider the gambling use case, where basically you have a legal casino online, posing as a trading platform (with or without support from a real-person or virtual advisor/broker). But the number of folks able to do end-to-end research/development/deployment of an actual make-money algo is a very small sliver of the market, I bet.

Here's a site that offers some handy tools:


@Hui Liu
I am using now your IBridgePy. It is OK. But it seems quite difficult to do the backtesting. You have a video in youtube. But it tells quite little.

Backtesting is very importing and the first step before one goes live trading.

@Grant Kiehne
Surely there are many alternatives. But I think most of us will prefer looking for platform which is/are Quantopian like, i.e. using zipline as base. Is Portfoliovisualizer Quantopian-like or zipline-like?

Dear Quants,

I wish to thank the Quantopian (Q) staff and Q community at large for what has been a memorable experience for me over the past 5 years. I never expected to turn reading a few random forum posts about penny stocks years ago into an interest in investing/finance whereby my favorite hobby/favorite pass time has been dreaming up and testing new algo ideas. I have no doubt my wife from time to time wishes I never discovered Q when I bore her to death talking about my latest algo. Yet, that interest has helped me pivot my career from animal nutritionist to rising quickly through positions in the banking industry. To say I am grateful to the Q community would be an understatement.

As all good things must come to an end, I take solace in knowing that there is an equally devoted and enthusiastic quant community at QuantConnect (QC). You can make algos in C# and Python, participate in licensing your algo to a fund and live trade your algo at 7 supported brokerages. The QC team has even rushed to put together a tool that will help us export Q code directly to QC found at this link: https://www.quantconnect.com/import/quantopian. Their support team is readily available to help us with the transition as well. There is also a forum post by CEO Jared Broad welcoming the Q community and provides more details found here: https://www.quantconnect.com/forum/discussion/9585/quantopian-shutdown-migration-2020/p1

Best regards,

Disappointing that we can't access or clone any notebooks in the forum anymore.

I am sure the management of Quantopian went over this already, but why is it that Quantconnect can monetize their platform and Quantopian can't. I would certainly pay to have access to these services. It's a huge drawback for researchers to lose this platform.

I came here a few years back thinking I was clever enough to "find a pattern" and make some free money. Thanks to this platform I've grown both smarter and more humble.

If anybody wants to stay in touch: [email protected] and @Viridian_Hawk on twitter.

I will always look back fondly on the "golden age" of Quantopian... Within a few months after joining in 2016, I'd learned Python, programmed all of my Excel-based strategies, entered and won Contest 22, started live trading in IB, and wrote a 3 Sharpe futures strategy with the new futures platform that Q released. T-shirts and checks were showing up in the mail. With no relevant degree or experience, I was interviewing at large NYC funds... Q was changing my life.

Then the Point 72 partnership happened and it was all downhill from there. Live trading gone. Contest changed format to the point it meant nothing to win. Moronic guidelines for allocation enforced. Futures platform gone. Paper trading gone. Now it's all gone with no warning.

So, a fund constructed out of a portfolio of market-neutral, dollar-neutral, beta-neutral, factor-neutral, sector-neutral algorithms turns out to be ALPHA-NEUTRAL? Shocker. When you combine a bunch of algorithms that hold each 300 longs and 300 shorts, you are basically just long and short every stock all the time and wasting money sending them back and forth between accounts. Unlike Steven Cohen, I knew not to bother looking in that alpha wasteland and abandoned Quantopian.

What a missed opportunity. The were a ton of non-diversified algos with niche edges and high sharpes that you could have thoughtfully put together in a synergistic way to achieve the neutrality you sought. The alpha was there, you just ignored it.

That said, thank you for everything... I'll still wear my Q Contest T-Shirts with pride.

So sad. I just learned Phyton on Quantiacs.com and wanted to give it a go with Quantopian as well. Quantiacs seems to stay, as they have their 14th competition with 2 Mio seed money for live trading. Worth a look and it is Phyton.

Why is it shutting down? Why are the quantopian lectures already gone 15 days ahead of the shutdown?
No more quantcon?
Will the lectures be preserved somewhere?

Why not experiment with paid subscription before shutting down?

can anyone have snap shot of all the posts discussions saved on on google drive or somewhere? 9 years of experience !!!

Sad news.

I use Jesse for backtesting:

Is Jesse zipline like?

My farewell post on LinkedIn:

If anyone wants to keep in touch, add me there.

If anybody is running into errors trying to uncompress their downloaded algorithms, try using 7-zip. Seems to have worked for me.

Seems Windows's built-in file archive tool struggles with certain characters in filenames.

Sad to see Quantopian go! I could recover about 500 notebooks, archived the forum and the youtube channel. You can find everything (including downloads): https://quantopian-archive.netlify.com

@ Joe Archive
Very useful archive! but a bit sad part is they no longer show the backtest and code from posted strategies. I was hoping if we can still see those and learn from their coding and strategies.

I think it is irresponsible to do it with out notice.

Hey if you want to keep going, at least on crypto, there's a new service starting: ProfitView.

With our market data service it is quite straightforward to write an algo. We're demoing this with a live trading webinar next week (11 Nov):

We'll provide all the source code on Github so you can start with the fully functional Pairs Trading strategy we'll demonstrate.

You can get going quite effectively just with our free tier. Come and see!

Thanks for everything - Quantopian was my first stepping stone to success.

For anyone who's into tactical asset allocation (TAA) strategies - we're building an easy to use backtesting platform called Alphacubator that lets you create your own TAA strategies, as well as track & rebalance your strategies for changes to your existing allocation. We expect to launch in a few months, so if you're interested, sign up for an account or plug your email in the newsletter box, and we'll keep you updated. https://www.alphacubator.com

I don't understand why do you close notebooks from forum posts? It's kinda strange...

So disappointed. Such a nice platform, so many talented guys and valuable posts just gone.

Although I didn't contribute too much to the platform. I am thankful for this experience. You guys build a wonderful platform with a highly intelligent community. I do agree largely with the Post from Roman Parker. Quantopian has lost its roots by forcing too many constraints on the winning algos.

Despite all this, I wish the Quantopian staff all the best. Stay healthy and prosperous during this pandemic.

Dear Fawce and the rest of the Quantopian Team,

Thank you so much for the incredible community service you have rendered over the last few years. Quantopian was the driving force for me to learn python and automate my trading strategies. Never in my life have I seen a place where so many smart people were willing to share so much information with me without expecting anything in return.

I am and will for ever be incredibly grateful for what you have done for me.

Warm regards,

Mattias Lamotte

Please keep a billable version of this. I am more than happy to pay for the resources here

@Joshua Osei-Dapaah

Quantiacs offers a development environment based on Python 3 and Matlab and runs contests since 2014. They recently started their 14th contest and will allocate 2.25M USD in guaranteed investments. You can check it out at https://www.quantiacs.com

Will the documentation and learning portions of the website still be available??

@Joe Archive , do you have the original ipynb notebooks? Or the JSON for them? Cut/Pasting HTML seems painful ... thx.

@Thomas Chang
We will work on more tutorials about bactest in IBridgePy.
Have you checked out this tutorial?
Overview of IBridgePy: backtest and live trading https://youtu.be/xWMzTgGWv48

Has someone saved all lectures notebooks? :(( So sad!!

@ Nicola, I found this link where a very nice person arc hived several notebooks and forum discussions:

this "nice person" did a great job.

@Dr. Liu,

Surely I've watched your video on youtube. But I have still some questions and I will contact you. As I said, the backtesting is very important since this is the first step before go live trade. Truely to say I find your platform is the most easy one to apply the Quantopian code. Almost simply copy & paste and it works. This is the reason why I move to your platform after Q shutdowned the live trading. The only "short" is the backtesting and its visualization.

Hope to see your further tutorials about backtesting a.s.a.p.


Dear all!

You guys created a community service of note.Through you and thecommunity I learnt automating investment algorithms with your help and the help of members you know much more I know. Thanks, too, for the downloading help - appreciated!

I will miss Quantopian a lot. Whatever all you guys do, I wish all of you success in your futures.

Thanks for everything you did.


Could I recommend starting a Discord chatroom or something so people who want, can continue to chat about quant and quantopian related topics?

Where are the lecture training materials ? They are not showing up on the main website... https://www.quantopian.com/lectures

Just wanted to express my gratitude to the employees at Quantopian and the community that supported it - with best wishes to all of you

lol - saw this coming when the live trading was shut down. Good thing I already ported over my code - c ya!

@Caramel: Sadly they deleted them without warning, otherwise they could have been archived properly.
@Paul: I only found the notebooks as preview files. But you can use Python to extract the code pretty quickly. Install beautifulsoup4 and requests (pip install beautifulsoup4 requests). You can use something like this to print you all the code into the notebook:

import requests  
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup  
url = "https://quantopian-archive.netlify.app/notebooks/notebooks/quantopian_notebook_0.html"  
req = requests.get(url)  
soup = BeautifulSoup(req.content, "lxml")  
for pre in soup.find_all("pre"):  

For those wishing to archive some of the data still here. You could convert any webpage into a PDF file using:


All you need is to supply the URL.

So... let's just make an open-source gui for zipline? Who's with me?!

It's unfortunate Quantopian is closing down, it's a great service. You could consider using Backtrader which is an open source Python backtesting engine. You can live trade using your algorithm and paper trade as well. It is highly customizable. Data is not included in the package but can be downloaded and added.

The code base is considered complete by the original creator so you won't see a lot of additions on GitHub. We are trying to get traction with a new github under backtrader2. That said, you can modify the code as you wish and customize it to your needs.

There's a small but vibrant community where you can get questions answered. I'm one of the leading members of the community (run-out) and I also freelance consult helping traders create backtest engines in Backtrader.

Backtrader has a bit of a learning curve to it, but it can be pretty powerful as well. Where I might be able to help if you are interested is to get your algorithm set up and then you can take over running and modifying it. This will reduce your learning curve substantially. Check out my one-pager here.

Neil Murphy
[email protected]


GUI for zipline? Not bad. But I am interested in the moment how to create data bundle from yahoo finance. The zipline uses data bundle fom Quandl and the data are till 2018.

@Fawce @Quantopian @anyone, can you provide a docker image with necessary infrastructure to run zipline. It's a bit of a pain to configure locally.

@Thomas Chang, that may require some ETL shenanigans. c'est la vie maintenant. Prob not too crazy. I might consider IEX instead of yahoo to construct a bundle. Let me know if you want to work together on this [email protected]

see this link

  1. at the moment quite busy with other things and family. have really little time :-(

For Quantopians looking for a fast re-start with live trading capabilities, take a look at [Blueshift][1]. They are a python code environment connected to ALPACA for live trading. Blueshift moved my code months ago and it was smooth going and fast. Most importantly, it was accurately done, as measured against Quantopian output.

From their ALPACA slack channel: "@everyone if you are looking to transfer your Quantopian code to [blueshift][5], we have just made it easier. Download the Quantopian strategies from account page there. Go to [blueshift][6], and choose the upload button on the workspace page, and select the zip file. That is it. It will automatically create the folder structures and all Python files onto your blueshift workspace. Notebooks are not supported at present."

ALPACA does not currently provide dividend adjusted historical prices as a native data set but they are working on it now. I should expect the more Quantopians who lobby them for a dividend adjusted data set the sooner they will make it available, ergo my interest in this post. Cheers!

Does anyone know of a zipline data bundle for daily adj close prices (US stocks) that is updated regularly?

If you pay, you can get the datas from quandl. Maybe you can get else where but I think you have to pay.


I just visit and have a first try by blueshift. I would say it really Quantopian-look. Almost the same. But the dataset seems quite poor. I try backtesting with QQQ, TLT and other ETFs but I got error that the symbol not found.

Otherwise really a good alternative to Quantopian.

Seems it is from institute QuantInsti from India?

@Thomas did you prefer it over QuantConnect? I've had a few problems with QuantConnect as it's oddly finicky about some things.

@josh nielsen I use Norgate Data for daily stocks and futures, with Zipline. Nicely integrates with Ziplines with its pipelines.

@ josh nielsen, I use zipline too. Highly recommended.

@ john harmon, are you using python v3.5 or v3.6 with zipline and norgate data?

@Green Tree. Zipline 1.3.0/Python 3.5/Norgate Data/Windows. For non-Python stuff, I use AmiBroker but have heard interesting stuff about Realtest.

Others have commented about issues with Zipline 1.4 - I'm letting others be the testers for now but might look at testing that when I get a chance.

@ john tzu

I've tested these days by QConnect. Truely to say not really happy.

I prefer looking for zipline-look or compatible platform. I am doing now live tarde by IBridgePy.com. The problem is the backtesting. I've contacted the Dr. Liu but no any answer till now.

Using zipline is my first choice. But the problem is the data bundle. You can backtesting till 2018.

They are crooks! Not only didn't get any royalty fees for my funded algorithm but I lost all my code too!

The Quantopian will keep going on ...


@Viridian Hawk

7-zip finally worked for me, thanks!

Sorry to see Quantopian go. Not exactly the same thing, but if you are looking for a comprehensive repository of quant finance theory and code check out arpm.co. You have to pay for most of what's there, so it's not likely to disappear overnight.

@ Thomas Chang

I am currently using zipline with ohclv saved in CSV files. It is possible to load the data into zipline without having to do complex bundle ingestion (I find ingestion very confusing and I don't know what advantages it brings). I am currently running backtests on daily data (I have not found a good free source for minute level data).

I might try and put together a short guide since zipline is probably the most natural for people coming from the online backtester on Quantopian.

As for fundamental data, Simfin (https://simfin.com/) offers fundamental data that is lagging by 1 year for free and current fundamental data is available for a monthly fee. (I am not affiliated with them). It is possible to use this within the offline zipline backtester.

I will try to put this together as soon as possible but finals are slowly creeping up :). Best of luck to everyone.

What a garbage company.

People vested enormous amounts of time and interest in your platform and you repay them with capricious changes and failed promises.

Good riddance.

Unbelievable...Bad news of the day.

Very disappointing, most of all the code and notebook sharings are removed from the discussion posts too. I think all of us will agree future quants have lost whole treasure of knowledge.

Thanks for the ingenious snapshot page made by Joe Archieve that tried to rescue the day. 

We have made such a great community and I believe no one want to let it disappear. We should keep it flourishing. So I have made below forum and let us post our strategies, lectures, codes and continue discussions there. 


No matter what, wishing Quantopian's management all the best their future endeavors.

@Victor Sung
Nice to hear good news from you.

It is possible to load the data into zipline without having to do complex bundle ingestion (I find ingestion very confusing and I don't know what advantages it brings)

Hmm... I would say this is not 100% correct. Just using the OHLCV datas are not difficult to build your data bundles. But so far I know you should also use the data about/of dividend and split. It is not so easy to get such datas up to date for free.

I might try and put together a short guide since zipline is probably the most natural for people coming from the online backtester on Quantopian.

This sounds quite good. Hope to see your success a.s.a.p. Maybe you will share it in github or elsewhere?

@ thomas chang: you can connect norgate data to zipline by paying a reasonable subscription fee.

i have used it and highly recommend the service.

see below url for details of norgate data.


I share in expressing my frustration. I liked the structured approach and was moving along quite nicely. I had just started experimenting with my first filters and then this. I am thankful but at the same time very disappointed.

You are closing down yet letting new people sign in?
Very disappointing.

@Green Tree
Thanks for the information. I will have a look.

Are you also using zipline to do the live trade?

 Vasilis Nikolaou  2 days ago  
They are crooks! Not only didn't get any royalty fees for my funded algorithm but I lost all my code too!  

Vasilis -- can you elaborate on your experience? Actions you took? Obstacles? Actual returns on your live algo etc.

@Thomas Chang - I use zipline to generate lower frequency trade signals which i use for live trading.

Anyway, what's your contact email? If you don't mind leaving it down in this post, i can contact you to discuss further, especially since this forum will close in a few days' time.

There is now a discord server here: https://discord.gg/e37nszaq7P

A discussion board here: https://www.quantlandian.com

And now we get a WhatsApp/telegram group...

I appreciate the efforts, but maybe we should centralize them a bit more?

Many thanks Andy P. How do we join the WhatsApp/telegram group? As part of the centralisation, perhaps interested folks should send an email to you (if you can provide one) including their number and you can create and add them to the group?

Sad news indeed.
If you have created a profitable but still unlicensed algo, check out SignalLibrary.
Our goal is to connect investors with quant talent worldwide.

@Green Tree
I've sent you email.

What a shocking news!
there are so many high quality articles and comments have not read yet, any way to keep them available?

if someone is interested in zipline, should also watch the youtube changel from Erol Aspromatis, very interessting and leran a lot.


@Green Tree
Have you got my email? If not, here my email:[email protected]

Good luck with your future endeavors. You provided a free service to thousands of people and they should be grateful for that.

We had in the past incorporated automatic code generation in our DLPAL S and DQ software for the quantopian platform. Although some think DLPAL and especially DLPAL LS that offers capability of developing long/short strategies should be SaaS, we resist that because we believe the customer should have the security of a desktop software that never "calls home". We will probably include again Wealth -Lab code as we had in the past after we talk to Volker Knapp. We think Wealth-Lab 7 will be an excellent choice.

Best wishes to everyone at Quantopian.

Does anyone know how to get fundamentals in zipline?

Dear Quantopians,

as mentioned above: there is a “Download Code” button in your account settings that allows you to download all of your code in a zip file.

In case you want to share your downloaded algos and access some others: there is a Github repository where some of us have uploaded their algos. Please contact me if you would like to participate as well!

It was a good time here... Hope to see you soon again!

Thank you to everyone on the Quantopian team and everyone in the community. I have grown in many ways since I first discovered Quantopian. Like any educator your contribution to society is very difficult to measure, however it is certainly very, very great.
Thanks again.

Yes indeed peter Harrington. Well done to Quantopian for that. The gift is probably of greater use to the academic than the individual trader seeking his fortune and it is a great shame the venture did not "cut it" commercially for the founders.

THANK YOU, QUANTOPIAN! And it is sad to see you go. ❤️

One of the first sites I go to when I am learning something new. Really sad to see it shut down. By the way, if an alternative for backtesting is something you are looking for, https://blueshift.quantinsti.com/ is a decent alternative.

I was most comfortable to create strategies on Quantopian platform compared to others. It is very sad to see that community services will be closed. Thanks, Frank, I have downloaded all the codes and uploaded on Blueshift (new home). It would have been better if this community post were available as read-only post 14 November as there are so many interesting and knowledgable posts.

Thank you, Quantopian.

Hey all, been following this group for a while now. Sad to see this great community go.

We're an Oxford University company that have recently launched an alpha discovery, forecasting, and strategy creation platform with an intuitive UI, API, and Python interfaces.

Mind Foundry Horizon

Let us know you're from Quantopian when getting in touch (or reach out to me directly) and we'll offer a discount.

([email protected])

Thank you Quantopian. Today, I pay you my tribute for all contributions to the Quant Landscape and unleashing what the powers that be held so tightly close.

Wishing all established and upcoming Quants the very best in their respective endeavours.


Hey everyone,

We have made such a great community , if anyone is still interested in further discussion about quant, please come to the forum - Quantlandian
I have made below forum and let us post our strategies, lectures, codes and continue discussions there.

I hope we can keep our community and grow up together.
See you guys there.


Alex, thanks for the work/effort on Quantlandian. Great to see the community is fast-growing. I will give you a shout shortly as I have some proposition for building out a fully-fledged infrastructural platform we can integrate into Quantlandian for backestesting and valuating alphas etc.

Steven Ola

Thanks Alex I just started to learn from quantopian suddenly closing . Hope the community will thrive

Algo Quanter, this sounds great, looking forward to it! let's build them up together.

raj b, see you in quantlandian.

it has been a fun journey. good luck to everyone.

Looking for alternatives...

Our Discord server for former Quantopian Community users now has nearly 100 members! Feel free to join: https://discord.gg/NuK9FYWy7Z

Wow Joe Archive , thanks so much for keep records!

@ Vasilis Nikolaou, can you be more specific please?

@Ricardo Hanesy,

@ Vasilis Nikolaou probably just said what he said in the heat of his dismay and frustration. He should read his agreement as fund author, most specially the section on payout. It is unfair to bash Quantopian on false claims.

So Quantopian will be integrated into Robinhood. Makes sense. I bet other algorithm platforms will be sucked up by brokerages. What brokerage wouldn't love to integrate systems that cause people to trade a whole freaken lot automatically!!!! It's like a dream come true for brokerages. By the way, I am trying out QuantConnect and I am finding it fairly similar to Quantopian. Give it a try!