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Question to sklearn modules


I've been playing around with sklearn.
While I am able to use some classes as the Decision Tree

from sklearn.tree import DecisionTreeRegressor (possible to import)

it's not possible to import other's eg. the neural network classifier:

from sklearn.neural_network import MLPClassifier

Importing MLPClassifier from sklearn.neural_network raised an ImportError. No modules or attributes with a similar name were found.

Trying to copy the class's source code also failed because inheritance seems to be disabled in quantopian (InputRejected:
Insecure built-in function 'super'

I do understand that it comes from security concers as described in similar posts but i still have the follwing questions:

  • Am I doing anything wrong?
  • How can I see the limitations of actually supported libraries as sklearn?
  • Is there another possibility to use machine learning methods (classifiers/regressors) except sklearn that i could use instead?

Best Regards.

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Hi Leo,

It could be because of the scikit-learn version.
In order to use the "MLPClassifier", you need the scikit-learn version 0.18.


Hi Chris,

It looks like Quantopian currently provides version 0.18. That should be correct.

I actually was successful in importing the "MLPClassifier" but with a different syntax (See notebook).
So to me it looks like an understanding problem of python but i still dont know why it works with the DecisionTreeClassifier.

Can you shortly explain why


import sklearn.neural_network  
ANN = sklearn.neural_network.MLPClassifier(solver='lbfgs', alpha=1e-5,hidden_layer_sizes=(5, 2), random_state=1)  



from sklearn.neural_network import MLPClassifier  
clf = MLPClassifier(solver='lbfgs', alpha=1e-5,hidden_layer_sizes=(5, 2), random_state=1)  

does not work although it works with the Class "DecisionTreeClassifier" of sklearn.tree both ways?


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You are right Leo, it's not a version issue here.
It must be an issue from Quantopian side because it works well on Jupyter Notebook with the same verison.

I am sorry but I could not help you more here, but maybe someone from Quantopian could help.


Hey Chris,


Yes I would appriciate if Quantopian Support or anyone with similar problems could help here.
I also have these problems with other classes from sklearn.



import sklearn.neural_network  
ANN = sklearn.neural_network.MLPClassifier(solver='lbfgs', alpha=1e-5,hidden_layer_sizes=(5, 2), random_state=1)  


SecurityViolation: 0002 Security Violation(s): Insecure attribute access "sklearn.neural_network.MLPClassifier" on line 2

for me. This is from a research notebook. Do you get the same?

@Konsta Tiihonen, Yes I am getting the same error

There is a similar issue with sklearn.kernel_ridge. I could be wrong but I though this was included in the version of sklearn that Quantopian provides. In this case, at least implementing kernel ridge regression is a 2 liner in Python with Numpy, the same isn't true for MLPClassifier :(

It seem's we've been dropped down to sklearn 0.16.1

Any fix yet?

This is highly annoying.

Getting the same issue. ANNs are a key algorithm that Quantopian users should be able to rely on. Still no comment from Quantopian support.