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Resampled Efficiency using CVXOPT

Hello All,

I am attempting to implement a resampled portfolio optimization using the expected returns and covariances from JPM 2018 outlook, but when I use CVXOPT to solve for the efficient frontier, it is not arriving at the global minimum variance solution. I can tell its not by the space between the randomly generated portfolios and the calculated efficient frontier. When I run the same code on historical data of more correlated assets such as stocks the line fits perfectly to the random weight portfolio.

Any insight as to why this may be occurring? I realize it must be because of the data's structure or how I am calculating the mu vector.

I have attached the notebook for reference.


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This looks quite interesting.

I suppose you expect the efficient frontier to tangent the point cloud?

Where did you get the covariance matrix from?


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That could definitely cause some discrepancy to the real data. What happens if you estimate cov from returns directly?

If I use real returns the parabola fits tangent to the cloud.

Think I figured it out. Just not enough of random portfolios generated to reach frontier due to number of asset combinations. Here is my implementation of resampled efficiency.

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That's a really neat plot!

Care to write up a bit more motivation and explanation? I'm sure others would be curious as well.

Sure thing! I think the method is patented but I am not even sure this is the right way to do it! Would be curious to see if this method backtested is more robust than just one optimization on the underlying data.