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Research / notebook / tear sheet errors, ZeroDivisionError and NoSuchSymbols

I have been struggling to get consistent results when using the tear sheets, I often get one of these two errors and I haven't been able to isolate the situations that cause the errors to occur, anyone have any insight?

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Does your algorithm hold any positions overnight? If not, try adding some code to buy 1 share of a random stock, and hold it during the entire backtest. Then try running the tear sheet.

No, both of the algorithms I have issues with are flat at the end of the day, that's a very interesting idea, I should have some time later this morning to add a little bit of code and try it again.

Thanks for the suggestion Frank, I added some code to simply buy and hold one share of a random penny stock and that did seem to fix the NoSuchSymbol error. However, when I run the tear sheet with bt.create_full_tear_sheet(round_trips=True) so I can analyze the trades a bit further it still logs a ZeroDivisionError on some backtests and not on others, any idea on that?


I think there should be a fix for that issue soon enough. See the following thread:

Hi Dustin, we just released an update to pyfolio that is a start for better compatibility with algorithms that trade intraday. Test it out if you get the chance. See my posts at the end of Frank's link if you want more detail.

If you still find yourself getting the ZeroDivisionError, could you post the error message here? You can pass estimate_intraday=False to return to the previous functionality for intraday strategies if that's causing problems.


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Excellent, thanks guys, I will read the linked thread and try out the new version of pyfolio.

Just tried out the new pyfolio that has been deployed to research, all issues now seem to be fixed and all the round_trips data makes sense. Thanks for the help and the great work on pyfolio!

Just as fyi, if you don't hold anything overnight I still get NoSuchSymbols (at least for SPY as the intra day position). 1 stock held overnight seems to fix it.
Simple redacted notebook attached.

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