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Robinhood Based Non Day Trading Algo (yes i can still trade on robinhood)

Modifications of Charles Witt's work

Prevents day trading, to offset risk, its allowed to hold at most 100 stocks, it will only sell or be allowed to sell a stock the following day. After 6 days, I sell the stock either way.

This is my newest algorithm, built to work with my newly developed Robinhood -Quantopian Bridging system.

Paper trading is 15min behind, so I re-evaluate often to help the algo get better signals and send them to Robinhood
Ill be live trading this Monday, so we will see how everything works

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Hello, Zack, this is really a nice performance. But Robinhood accepts only US or Australian citizens, isn't it? What about citizens in Europe? Where will you be in live trading Monday?

I’m based in NYC so I’ve mostly catered to what I can trade here and women more so. Limited equity to only ones RH will allow

Robinhood quantopian bridging system?


Yes what is Robinhood -Quantopian Bridging system? :P Would be really interested in learning more of that

Im willing to share the code with a few developers but I need some help on the python side of things <3 I have not as of yet shared my work with anyone

Right now, I pretty much have a chrome extension that looks at and copies quantopians actions.

Due to the 15 min delay, and some RH slippage, some orders go through on RH but are canceled on Q

Ive got an exported CSV file from RH, i can add plenty more data to it.

What I want is to pretty much add the "rouge" trades, their date, and their price at which they were purchased to my portfolio so my algorithm can manage them.

heres a sample

[email protected]

Anyone willing to help me further with my algo closer intergration with the bridge will get my help and source code.
I do currently live trade with this, despite a few bugs

@zack Kirsh. Could you not just have the algorithm Email you when there are changes to the list of stocks the algorithm wants to hold?

This code is going to have the same problem Charles ran into - Volume and difference in bid/ask.

Backtest did not match live trading.

Hey Zach, I sent you an email about a week ago offering to help on your bridge. Might have ended up in spam. Would still love to help you get it off the ground so that we can all start trading on Robinhood again! Shoot me a message. :) As I mentioned I've got experience with JS and will likely be forced to make my own anyway if I can't contribute to yours. Friar Tuck is just not cutting it for me.

No there's no way to email from Quantopian, it's been highly requested but never implemented. That would make a bridge much easier though.

@ZachKirsch @Haumed Rahmani I have a good amount of experience with C++ and a little with Python, some friends and I have been messing around with machine learning in Python, and I stumbled upon Quantopians interface with Robinhood, only to find out that it was discontinued a few months ago...
If you guys would be so kind as to include me in the project, I would be happy to share any improvements or alterations I / we might make.

@ZachKirsch I would like to know more about this project as I have experience with C++ and strong knowledge of Python. Also, if you take a look at the backtests for the algo, it seems to be still day trading stocks, although I don't know if its less than 4 for the 5 day range period.