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Robinhood Gold - API

Has anyone worked with Robinhood Gold here? I am curious to know whether the API provides Margin Maintenance and other metrics the app gives you to manage your portfolio? If yes, is that available on Q?

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I have tried the above api and although it is not authorized by robinhood it seems to work. The portfolio function returns a bunch of info
on the margin (I don't remember them all).

I don't think they are available through Q.

Greg thank you for the link. Yes, I have seen similar implementations but as you sad they are not supported by RH and that worries me when dealing with a sizable amount of leverage.

Can anyone on the Q team confirm whether we will have access to RH Gold info such as Margin Maintenance?

I would definitely test this myself if my algo was not live and trading with RH already.

"Unfortunately, Quantopian does not support Robinhood Gold accounts in live trading. We support Cash accounts and Robinhood Instant accounts, but we do not yet support Gold accounts. I've notified our engineers of the problem. They will have a look and see if we can add support for Robinhood Gold accounts or at the very least let you know before you launch your algo that Gold accounts are not supported." Jamie McCorriston

Using the Robinhood Gold will not result in an error, but rather incorrect reporting of your buying power. Thanks to Jamie for getting to the bottom of this.

Are Robinhood Gold accounts still not working with Q? Thanks!

While there is not an official Robinhood Gold API, it does appear to be possible to use the margin in your Robinhood account.
It is not even close to perfect or outstanding, but the latest version of my algo at attempts to use the $3,000 of Robinhood Gold margin. You can and likely will lose money. Use at your own risk.

@Charles W is correct. You CAN trade a Robinhood Gold account and access the additional margin funds to trade. However, the Quantopian 'context.account' values such as ' buying_power' etc are not supported. One just needs to maintain/calculate these numbers manually.

You may want to also look at this post for some ideas on code you could use