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Robinhood periodically requires login

I notice that after about every 2 weeks my algo needs me to refresh the login.

Typically in OAuth authentication your token has an expiration, and there is a separate refresh token which is used to get a new token. Is it possible the refresh token isn't being utilized by quantopian, or is this an issue with Robinhood's system?

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Having the same problem. Anyone on the Q team could explain the issue?

Me too!

The painful part is that the login usually fails. So I have to try again and again until it works, only to have quantopian fail again once my algo is ready to trade.

Still having this problem. At least now it only takes one attempt to get re-connected to robinhood. I am having to login about every two weeks. Is this still a known issue?

Same problem. Have to periodically login. Has anyone solved this?

Ping on this.... logging in every sunday currently with RH.... not a great plan for a long term algo....