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RSI Algorithm help NEEDED

Hello to all, so I have been on Quantopian for two weeks now nonstop I've watched all the trainings and lectures and I've also went back and read all the trainings and lectures I have been able to make zero progress. I'm wondering if anyone out there can help me build my algorithm it would be nice to see something without a runtime error.

my idea is to scan the Q1500US for, stocks under $20, stocks trading over 1 million shares a day on average, stocks trading below their 200 day sma, and stocks with RSI 30 or below.

I would like to purchase 5% of the total portfolio in each stock

and I would only want to sell once a 10% profit is made

Thank you so much!!!!! Billy.

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Hi Billy, this is a long journey and it is not an easy one. I strongly advice you to take a look at some other people examples and base from it.