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Screen stocks for price and volume indicators on the minute timeframe?


I'm interested in screening stocks on the minute time frame for certain volume and price technical indicators. After doing some digging, I think Pipeline is what I'd need (this is a relevant post). On the Pipeline information, it says that the screening occurs on a daily timeframe, however (original Pipeline post). Is it possible to adjust this to a minute timeframe? That post makes it sound like Pipeline is a broad daily filter, and a custom script is required to screen those on shorter timeframes.

Would Pipeline even be the best option for this? Just code something separate?

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You can use Pipeline to get a broad universe of stocks on each day, then use the data methods to further filter your trades based on intraday data. Pipeline currently just works on a daily frequency

Thanks David! That looks like it'll do the trick.

@Zach did u manage to do smth useful at the end?