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sector performance notebook

Hello i have done this work that i'd like consider as a starting point to further research based on sector performance related to the benchmark, now before i move (since it's kind of slow in gathering more than 5 years data) do you think there is a more efficient or more pythonic or more panda-friendly way to do this using pipeline?
I want to keep the pipeline approach because i want to put more factors rather then just sectors in the future.

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Since i have posted a general isue about efficency and code style, now i brung up a problem: when i produce plots i often have spykes and strange values mabye they depend on company failures.. is there a way i can get rid of these spykes mabye even looking forward in the future prices?

Take a look for example at the values of Apr 2008 o r August 2008 where the industrial sector does not even show up until the end of the graph

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Great stuff! I cloned your notebook and investigates the big downward spikes (the one in Real Estate in April 2008, and the two in Industrials in April and June 2008), and they were cause by delisted securities. The way that I determined this was by looking at significant drops in returns in the dataframe resulting from run_pipeline(). After this, you can either look at the symbols(sid).start_date and symbols(sid).end_date to confirm that those securities were delisted. I added it to your notebook here so you can play around with it!

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hello Jamie thank you for the time to inspect my code!
I have used your NB and i have added In [154]:

delisted_df = myPipe[abs(myPipe['returns']) > (1.5)].unstack()  
delisted = list(delisted_df['returns'].columns.values)  

now the spikes are gone :)

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