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Seeking collaborator or mentor to help translate my Excel workbook into Quantopian's code.

Over the past year, I've built a trading strategy using Excel. Initially the challenge was to test a theory regarding sentiment. But over time, I wound up writing a complete strategy with full backtest ability.

You may ask why I did this in Excel rather than Py or some other language. This is because I began working with spreadsheets since the first PC arrived on the market back in the 80's. Older members here will remember Lotus 1-2-3 operating in DOS mode on PCs having a 10mb hard disk! That's how I began.

My trading strategy uses a few common indicators as well as some which I've created. So the coding will require math proficiency.

Also, the strategy fetches csv data from a mysql server which we use to gather sentiment data. The info coming from the server arrives daily (at this point) and then the strategy does the logic and math.

I've watched some of the videos here, and took some Py lessons, but I can't see the whole picture, which of course I need to do in order to make my strategies useful.