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Seeking Help to Check if Strategy is Correctly Coded

Hi All,

I've recently been experimenting with a trading strategy and discovered Quantopian and decided it'd be a good opportunity to try out the platform but I'm having a really tough time trying to code out the strategy. My only coding experience is with VBA and despite searching around the internet, I can't really find the answers to my questions below and would appreciate any help at all! I have a decent amount of experience with trading but none with Algo Trading.

Main points of the strategy:
-Plot 3 SMAs of 4 , 9 , 18
-Buy/sell when all SMAs point in the same direction (e.g. when they all point up, buy. Sell when they all point in the same direction)
-Close out the trade after 1 period (if Taking profit)
-Set a stop loss just below the previous day low (if buying. reverse for selling)

Difficulties in coding:
-Firstly, I've spent 2 days thinking about it but I can't figure out how I would code something to execute when all 3 SMAs point in the same direction. I suppose I could attempt to code it by attempting to calculate the gradient and buying if all of it > 0 and selling if all < 0 but I couldn't get it to work. [I'm fully aware that the method I tried to execute in the attached code is not what I described. I couldn't get it to work so I was just experimenting with other methods]
-Secondly, the strategy works best on a 30-minutes time frame based off my manual testing, but I can't figure out how to code it to execute on a 30-minute time frame on Quantopian.
-Thirdly, I'm having trouble determining if my strategy is actually doing what I think it is doing. It doesn't seem to me like the stop loss I coded is actually working.

I would GREATLY appreciate it if anyone could help me with any of the 3 points I've raised above.


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# Put any initialization logic here.  The context object will be passed to
# the other methods in your algorithm.
def initialize(context): = symbol('SBUX')

                      date_rule = date_rules.every_day(),
                      time_rule = time_rules.market_close())
def rebalance(context,data):
    for stock in context.portfolio.positions:
# Will be called on every trade event for the securities you specify. 
def handle_data(context, data):
    MA1 = data[].mavg(3)
    MA2 = data[].mavg(4)
    MA3 = data[].mavg(8)
    MA4 = data[].mavg(9)
    MA5 = data[].mavg(17)
    MA6 = data[].mavg(18)
    stoploss = history(2, '1d', 'close_price') 
    cash =
    current_position = context.portfolio.positions
    todayprice = data[].price
    for stock in data:
        current_position = context.portfolio.positions[stock].amount
            if current_position == 0:
                 if (MA2 < MA1) and (MA4 < MA3) and (MA6 < MA5):
                      order_percent(stock, -.3)
                 elif (MA2 > MA1) and (MA4 > MA3) and (MA6 > MA5):
                    order_percent(stock, .3)
            if current_position < 0:
                if todayprice > stoploss:
                            order_target(stock, 0)
            if current_position > 0:
                if todayprice < stoploss:
                            order_target(stock, 0)
        except Exception as e:

There was a runtime error.
3 responses

some help:
- pointing up means today > yesterday
- check out the example that uses 'record', so you can see what is going on.
- get it working with 1 moving average, then expand

good luck

To retrieve past price (and volume) data, you need to use the history function correctly. It returns a pandas.DataFrame with columns representing securities and rows representing time bars. Read the online manuals about both.

Hi Steve,

Here's a video tutorial that gives a quick explanation of the history() function!


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