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Since 3-4 days ago, I can no longer access Notebooks

I am using Firefox 52.8.1 (64 bit) ESR channel. I need to use this version for compatibility with several extension.
Since about May 13 or 14 I am no longer able to display the notebooks page with this browser (I have tried to reset everything).
I just get blank page between the black borders:

I only see this blank page

I had no issues before May 13 (or thereabouts)

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@Erik Vik Sorry about the issues you are having accessing notebooks. I looked at your account and there isn't anything on our end which should be causing this. Not connecting or a blank screen (often accompanied by the 403 or FORBIDDEN error) is typically a browser settings issue. Quantopian's research environment relies on third party cookies and cross site tracking to protect user's intellectual property. Those two features must be enabled in your browser. Not having these enabled can cause issues. Additionally, for similar reasons, one cannot access notebooks from an 'incognito' window. There have been a number of updates to common browsers lately which may have changed past settings.

In the Firefox preferences, find the cookies and site data menu. Check the box that says "Accept cookies and site data from websites" and make sure the box that blocks 'Third-Party Cookies' is unchecked.

If none of these things work for you, please try disabling all extensions, and re-enabling them one a time to find which one may be causing problems. If you find one that is causing the Quantopian site to break, try whitelisting and (those are the two domains that Quantopian uses).

You may also contact support if you're still experiencing problems.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.


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hank you for your response.
I have not updated my browser or changed my cookies settings (still allows 3rd part cookies). Access to Notebooks just stopped 3-4 days ago.
I tried creating a blank default profile (no extensions and plugins disabled), but it also didn't help.
Strangely, it is only Firefox 52.8.1 (64 bit; ESR channel) that seems to be affected. Newer Firefox versions or Pale Moon versions works fine. Very strange..

Did you make any changes to the Notebook page in the last few days?

We haven't made any changes recently which should have impacted whether notebooks connect or not but that's not to say there may be something going on. I'll bring it up with our engineering team and see if they have some ideas. We can also do a deeper dive into the logs and check for anomalies.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience.