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sklearn version

Which version of sklearn is being used in the Research Environment? It doesn't seem to be supporting weighted linear regression which got added in 0.17.

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We're running sklearn version 0.16.1


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Are there any plans for an upgrade? I'm interested in quite a few features introduced later, like MLPRegressor.

I am also curious if an upgrade is on the horizon?

There aren't current plans for an upgrade to the package, we we share an update once we bump the version

+1 for this



One of the most cutting edge fields in science right now is data science and computer learning, they are adding new algorithms to sklearn every version. WE NEED THE NEW ONE. 0.19 is now available. @Alisa

I am trying to perofrm hyper parameter optimization with RandomSearch ,but stuck with 0.16, which has no support for finding best_params.


Also consider adding support for sklearn.model_selection, TimeSeriesSplit is very useful for evaluating machine learning models


Any updates on this? At this point the package is 3 years out of date.

I would like to know when there will be an update.

At this point my options seem to be: back door upgrade via copy and pasting source code from git, wait until there is an upgrade, write my own implementations, or move to a different platform.

It's really concerning that we can't update a standard package in less than 3 years.


Functions like TimeSeriesSplit are so important for today's ML modeling. Please consider upgrading to the newest version, as the better our models become, the better the chance of powerfull algos. Let's make it a Win Win for everyone!


+9 . Interesting paper btw on comparing PCA v. ANN for $swaps and brent crude. Uses MLPRegressor fn.





hope to update sklearn!