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I've been running into Something went wrong. Sorry for the inconveniencefrequently when trying to run a backtest over the past few days.

I initially tried debugging, with no success. The error then randomly disappears by changing something like the start/end date by an arbitrary amount, refreshing the page, logging out and back in, copying and pasting the code to another algorithm builder.

How should I go about diagnosing what the issue is with my code in future when encountering this error? The solutions I have found so far have been working intermittently, but it's becoming quite disruptive.

Thanks in advance.

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+1 for getting a more descriptive error message when this happens.

From my experience I find that it might be due to trying to run a backtest when certain data is not available. Might be due to other reasons as well?

Hi Joakim,

Thanks for your reply.

It'd odd, I thought that could be the issue as well, but managed to get through a few backtests without any further errors once using one of the workarounds mentioned. WIll keep an eye out for the issue you mentioned in future to help isolate the problem.