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Stock prices missing using Pipeline in Research environment?

Hi All,

I feel like I've found a bug but please let me know if I'm doing something incorrectly to see these issues. I noticed that for more than a few stocks, their closing prices are mysteriously missing for large amounts of time using Pipeline in the Research environment. One such stock I found was GM. Using the Q1500US universe, I only observe a few months in 2016 where GM actually has data. Is this a bug? It's possible for a stock to be in and out of the Q1500US I realize, but a stock as highly traded as GM seems unlikely. I also compared it to Pipeline data using the StaticAssets for GM and I got all stock prices as normal. Also, get_pricing() within Research is functioning correctly. Please see the attached notebook, it's really messing with some of the research I'm currently doing. If there is something obviously wrong with my code here please tell me! Thanks in advance.

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Other examples I've found looking between 2014 - 2016:
EROS (nothing from 2014 to Dec. 2015)
LQDT (nothing in 2015)
ARCO (nothing post July 2015)
WTW (Missing April 2015 - Nov 2015)

The list goes on... am I missing something fundamental here? Are other people seeing these results?

Hi Taylor,

The Q1500US is a dynamic universe. At the beginning of each month, the universe is updated with some names moving in and some moving out. There are some names that will move in and out of the list, which is what it looks like is happening with these names. If you'd like to learn more, I'd recommend checking out the universe selection lecture which walks through the construction of the Q1500.

I hope this helps.


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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the response. I just made an edit to the original post but will also put it here. Is it possible that a large stock like GM moves in and out so frequently? It's one of the highest volume traded stocks on a daily basis so it seems weird that it would be out of the Q1500 for so long. Thanks for the response!

Reading the article you provided, perhaps even companies like GM are running into this rule:

"At the start of each month, throw out "hard-to-trade" equities, then choose the top 1500 equities by 200-day average dollar volume (ADV), choosing no more than 30% of the requested equities from
any single sector."

Perhaps the sector is hitting a limit and even stocks like GM are being omitted. Thanks again!

For anyone else reading this thread, just received this message in the form of a support ticket:

"I just checked your notebook, and the issue you initially pointed out happens because GM is missing from the Q1500.

You are correct, GM should be in this universe based on the selection criteria for Q1500 stocks. There is actually an issue with GM's fundamentals data, which we use to construct these universes. Our data team is aware of the issue, and it is currently being investigated as a part of a larger project we are working on to improve our fundamentals data query performance.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any more questions, or if there is anything else I can assist you with. "

Taylor, that's definitely a good path to follow. In this case, I think there is a data issue with GM. It looks like GM doesn't have a sector assigned to it until mid December 2015. We'll have to investigate and get that fixed.

Sorry for the confusion.

P.S. If you want to filter the pipeline output dataframe down to a specific stock in research, I'd recommend using this:

result[result.index.get_level_values(1) == symbols('GM')]  

That will filter by the second column in the index looking for instances of GM.

Makes perfect sense, and thanks a lot for the tip!