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Stock Screener with Built-In Technical Analysis Categories

Hey all-
Im in the process of making a stock screener for a school project. I love the way Finviz ( sorts the stocks into preset categories like "Top Gainers" and "Top Losers" but I especially like how they incorporate signals like channels, up-trends, down-trends, double tops, etc... (and display the trends on a graph under that signal category). I'm not sure how they do this technologically though. Do they use their own algorithms, are they using data or graphs from another source, or how are they recognizing these technical analysis patterns? On my screener, I also want to display all the stocks that show an uptrend, downtrend, etc., on a graph side by side like Finviz does in that said category.

Any insights on how I could incorporate this into my own screener would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help in advance, it is much appreciated!