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Study Group / Hackathon Miami, Fl

Hi Team, for those of you based in Miami, FL, would you be interested in getting together and work as a team on some interesting algos. Please let me know, I am based in Brickell / Financial District and have office space to do a work session or hackathon at a time that is convenient for the group.
Looking forward to building some critical mass in town.

Best, Vic

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Hi Victor,

It’s so great to see that you’re making an effort to bring the quant community together in Miami. We’d love to help build interest and support in any way we can. For content, be sure to check out our lectures page to help focus your work sessions. We’d also like to send you some Quantopian swag -- I’ll be in touch via email this week with more information.


Thanks Paige, looking forward to your email. By the way I am completing Lecture 14 now and have a few algos up and running.