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Time frame for supporting Deep Learning libraries on Quantopian


I am the AQ (AI-Quant) guy and I am really really interested in using the Quantopian platform for my money trading and participating in the competition . However, it seems most deep learning libraries are not supported at this point. Is there a rough time frame that when the following libraries will be supported?

  1. Scikits Learn (0.18) MLP: I assume this will be soon?
  2. Tensorflow, Theano, Keras



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Also, running deep learning model on Q will consume lots of resources (CPU, memory, etc.) which might cause some issues to Q. One possibility is to create a "premium membership" which interested users pay monthly membership fee to get "much more resource (CPU, memory, etc.) and features (e.g. access to advanced libraries". This will for sure attract serious AQ guys to Q.

Just a suggestion.