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Trouble Building Custom Factors that Return Strings

Hey all,

I am trying to write a custom factor that uses MorningStar Fundamnetal data, and I am consistantly getting a TypeError. The financial health grade outputs a string, and I am trying to output that string and then add the factor to the universe. When I try explicitly setting the dtype to string, as shown below, I get the error: UnsupportedDataType: FinancialGrade instances with dtype |S0 are not supported. When I do not set it explictly, when I run_pipeline, I get this error:

TypeError: Don't know how to construct AdjustedArray on data of type
does someone know what is going on here?


class FinancialGrade(CustomFactor):  
     inputs = [morningstar.asset_classification.financial_health_grade]  
     window_length = 45  
     dtype ='|S0'  

     def compute(self,today,assets,out,volume,grade):  
          out[:] = grade[-1]  
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Hi Marcus,

The following paragraph from our help docs might help here:
"The Pipeline API only currently supports loading columns that can be coerced to floating-point values. This means that we currently support loading columns whose database representation is either an integer, a boolean, or a float. Notably, this means that we do not yet support datetime or str columns. We expect to remove this restriction in a future update."

I should add that there is a current issue with loading integer and boolean types in Pipeline as well, but we are currently working to fix it. As well, it's on our list to add support from loading string columns. For now, they can only be loaded using a get_fundamentals query.

I hope this helps.


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Ok Thanks Jamie !

You could of course just map the rating strings to a numeric scale in your factor.

Simon, could you explain how to "map the rating strings to a numeric scale in your factor." Thanks

One-and-a-half years later, CustomFactor output is still restricted to values that can be coerced to a floating point value.