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Updating the MPO Blog Post


I just got started and am trying to replicate this great blog post on the Efficient Frontier:

However the real-stock implementation is giving me lots of errors, most seemingly related to zipline (sids missing, undefined 'data'...), which leads me to think the code is somewhat outdated.

Is that correct? Does anyone happen to have some working code to share?



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Here is a link to thread with Wayne Nilsen working implementation of minimum variance portfolio.

Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for the link. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that algorithm calculates an overall mv portfolio, while I'm more interested in all efficient frontier portfolios, corresponding to their respective levels of variance. My goal is to assign such portfolios to arbitrary risk profile categories, i.e. risk averse, risk neutral, risk taker...

Here is another links:
Ryan Davis working version of Markowitz Portfolio Construction
Brian Vetere version on sector etf products from state street plus TLT
David Edwards CLA on the sector etf plus TLT

Hi Vladimir,

That's awesome. Thanks for this.