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Using get_pricing with QTradableStocksUS
from quantopian.pipeline.filters import QTradableStocksUS  
import quantopian.research as qr  
import pandas as pd

ts_start = pd.Timestamp('2018-12-27 09:30:00-05:00')  
ts_end = pd.Timestamp('2018-12-27 10:31:00-05:00')

universe = QTradableStocksUS()

data = qr.get_pricing(universe, start_date=ts_start, end_date=ts_end,  fields=['open', 'volume'])  

I am trying to use an asset filter from pipeline in the research mode with get_pricing (without using pipeline API). Which attribute of the QTradableStocksUS will return list of SIDs or Assets for this to work? Or any other alternative to subset assets to contain contest eligible assets without explicitly specifiying them. I understand that this list is varying over time. But I need a long term stable subset of assets to build models. I don't really care about survivorship bias. Any advice will be appreciated.