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Using #Fundamentals to identify uptrending volatile small caps

The premise is that where there is risk there will be return. This long-only algo looks to buy at most 2 small cap (market_cap < $2B) stocks per day that have both positive free_cash_flow and basic_eps. Selections must also be trading in the $9 to $20 range, are trending up in the past 30 days and have the highest 30-day volatility. Exit logic is via trailing stop orders or profit taker limit orders. Uses statsmodel.api linear regression to identify trend with set_commission model set to approximate IB retail rates. Positive cash balance always maintained.

If you are looking for tutoring, python programming, linux or cloud technical assistance, or custom algorithms for quantopian or zipline, please feel free to contact me via http://quant-coder.prokopyshen.com/ContactMe .

3 responses

Shouldn't the benchmark be a small cap index?

Benchmarked against IWM.

Kinda disturbing that the squiggly lines are completely different...? EDIT: just noticed the original backtest was from 2014. I guess a lot has changed since then.