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Various Indicators

My algo uses a compilation of several indicators.
In looking for another indicator to add I widdled this list of 142 indicators down to the few below (along with the score that I gave to each on the fly quickly during that screening). I plan to script them first here along with some of my own strategy to take a closer look and then if one looks great, find a way to add it to my algo on Quantopian. So here's that current short list in case maybe useful/interesting:

10 Colored SMIIO
10 MAC-Z Indicator
10 Slope
9 Kairi Relative Index (KRI)
9 Guppy MMA
9 Forecast Oscillator
9 2 pole Butterworth filter
8 True Strength Index (TSI)
8 HLCTrends
7 Volume ROC
7 Inverse Fisher on CyberCycle
6 Accumulative Swing Index
5 Price Zone Indicator
5 Intraday Momentum Index
4 Adaptive RSI
4 8x MA with Cross-highlights
4 11x EMA with Cross-highlights
3 Constance Brown Composite Index
3 Bears/Bulls power
1 Enhanced Index

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This is a great list of indicators - thanks for sharing!


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Visually I like the BearBull one. Does anyone know if there is a list of Indicators that quantopian has built in?

Thanks in advance

I am looking for CR indicator. It is available in stockstats package. But the package is not available on the platform.


maybe you can write code for CR indicator , @John Jiang