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Warnings/Errors not shown on build screen?

Apologies if this is not the correct forum to ask for help with development-

When working in the IDE, it would be useful to be able to see log.warn and log.error output after hitting the build button.


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@Rob, +1 and great idea. We have been discussing a related idea - what if we ran a very short backtest as part of the ctrl-b/build button action. We were thinking we could run daily pricing through the algorithm. That way you'd get a high level picture of the behavior, and flush out more of the small bugs before doing a full blown test. What do you think?


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@fawce yes, that would be very helpful to quickly test the algo against a single tick(the latest tick available?), and not only get debug output but also get a performance estimation for a smaller set of data.

What would be even COOLER would be if the system had instant evaluation and display, similar to the upcoming LightTable IDE: (look at 1:10)

@Rob, calculating performance for the daily run is an awesome idea.

We've been following LightTable too, and drawing inspiration to shorten the time from code to results as much as possible. Clearly we can do more :).

We also like what Jaime Wong did at Khan for programming and loved the video talk from Bret Victor that Jaime references in that blog.

Please keep the ideas coming!