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What is inside the quantopian quandl bundle?

Hi all

I ran the command: zipline ingest -b quantopian-quandl to download the data bundle.

I just want to find out if all the stocks from the US markets is downloaded when I download the data bundle?
I know that the data bundle is saved down in the location: ~/.zipline/data/quantopian-quandl as from this post: and I went into the folder and I can see that it downloads the high, low, open, close, volume but does it do it for all the stocks from the US stock market?

The data bundle is about 200mb so my guess is it downloads all US stocks information. And then when you run the code, for example,, it takes your AAPL symbol and looks for it inside the data bundle and return the analysis.

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I've tried the command: zipline ingest -b quantopian-quandl but it stuck at 0% no matter how many times I tried.
Have u ever experienced before?

Trying it now, got to about 25% the first time and then stalled out at 0% the second time. Maybe the server was busy. Don't know what stocks are included, but the platform brings back data for penny stocks so it probably includes anything worth buying.